300K Update


(1) Looking forward to a great ride tomorrow with some old friends and new folks. There are 39 of you signed up — which is awesome! Please let me know ASAP if you have registered and can’t make it or, alternatively, if you signed up by don’t see your name on the list on the events page.

(2) Save yourself some time and check in for the ride this evening at the hotel, from 6pm to 7pm. Get your bike inspection taken care of there, too — ankle bands plus reflective sash or vest plus lights all required.

(3) The cue sheet was posted Wednesday morning to the events page, following the preride. The route checked out well. The only thing of note — other than the usual rough pavement through the forest — is that part of the trail had standing water on it. It was a short, not deep, and could be easily navigated, but just keep a sharp eye and use good sense, as always.

(4) As usual, you’re totally on your own during the ride — live off the fat of the land — but you will receive a royal welcome on your finish. We have dinner and beverages awaiting you.

(5) Travel safe and see you tonight/tomorrow morning!