3rd Annual San An 100K

We had 17 or 18 riders complete the third edition of this fine event on June 7, 2014. Congratulations to all of our finishers, who are listed below, alphabetically. These riders became the only recipients of the *new!* 100K populaire pin in the State of Florida. City Park was a nice venue, but I am looking forward to the opening of the Public House in a month so we can take the party there on next year’s ride. Riders enjoyed sun, no rain, and little wind.

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 04:46
8345 BRANDON Bill 04:16
BRODSKY Linda 06:07
9345 CALDERIN Jose 04:40
7306 DAVIDSON Judie 05:40
DINELL Kim 06:07
DUCHARME Linda 06:22
7253 DUKE Lynn 04:14
FULLER Bruce 04:42
HURLEY Brian 04:46
JOYSMITH Luke 04:12
KOKEN Melinda 06:22
LEGGETT Valerie 04:42
QUINN Dave 05:40
QUINN Maureen 05:40
2955 ROZELLE Paul 04:45
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 04:39