6th Annual San An 100K (3 June 2017)

Congrats to the 13 riders who started, and completed, the San An 100K on June 3, 2017, which was the sixth running of this excellent event. It was overcast with little wind and the rain did not start until everyone was in the door. The lunch at Pancho Villa’s was excellent. Special mention to Jay and Jim, who completed their first-ever randonnees in good form; we look forward to seeing you on other events soon! Also a big congrats to Rebecca, who is having a monster year and put nearly an hour into her personal best time on this route and to Mike, who took 5 minutes out of the course record. The biggest props, though, go to Brian, who is returning from shoulder surgery followed up by an armadillo-induced crash. Great ride, Brian, and so glad you’re back on the bike! See you all next year.

RUSA # Name Time
8100 Bartolin, Matt 04:20
8345 Brandon, Bill 04:21
11914 Chaparro, Jay 03:42
6643 Eaddy, Vance 04:33
7479 Hurley, Brian 04:20
8349 Ivy, Bruce 04:33
7495 Kehler, Mike 03:22
10720 Laborde, Rebeca 03:43
6700 McCarthy, Steve 04:33
Bob, Meredith 04:21
12054 Nostrom, Jim 04:33
2955 Rozelle, Paul 03:44
9310 Schreck, Dan 04:21