Pinellas Beaches 100K (15 Dec 2018)

22 riders started out in the rain and 22 riders finished, mostly dry. Thrilled to have some new folks with us and with the youth turnout — 4 riders were 18-and-under! Congrats to all, and thank you to The Bikery for hosting us once again!

cert. no.RUSA #NameTime
RUSA-P152339463Barth, Roger04:39
RUSA-P1523411110Barth, Sally04:39
RUSA-P152358312Bennett, Edward04:39
RUSA-P152368345Brandon, Bill05:29
RUSA-P152376643Eaddy, Vance04:34
RUSA-P15238Erb, Donald04:50
RUSA-P152398349Ivy, Bruce04:34
RUSA-P152408963Kusters, Marion04:39
RUSA-P1524112283Lessman, Michael05:29
RUSA-P152426700McCarthy, Steven04:39
RUSA-P15243Negevsky, Juliette05:29
RUSA-P1524411409Rozelle, Joseph04:43
RUSA-P152452955Rozelle, Paul04:43
RUSA-P152469965Rozelle, Sally04:43
RUSA-P152473166Rozelle, Susan04:43
RUSA-P152489310Schreck, Daniel05:29
RUSA-P1524910101Smith, John04:34
RUSA-P1525012306Solan, Matthew05:29
RUSA-P1525112157Spence, Kelly05:29
RUSA-P1525211706Spence, Mary05:29
RUSA-P15253Thomas, LeAnn04:50
RUSA-P15254Y, Mitch04:34