Up! All Night 200K (7 July 2017)

This was the third running of this event, which is two laps of the San An 100K route (counterclockwise, and then clockwise), starting at 8pm with dinner beforehand and breakfast following, for those who are interested. The weather was about perfect for July: slightly less humid than normal, little to no wind, and we did not get wet at all. Highlights included cattle loose on the road at one point, an uncorraled horse, and the usual spate of nocturnal wildlife (opossum, deer, and armadillo). I ran over a snake. Sorry buddy. Phil and Josh had their fastest 200s to date — great work, guys. We had 4 DNFs, but they were more or less planned to go only 100K, so that’s cool, too. Perhaps we’ll offer the shorter populaire option next year as an official ride. Until then, see you on the road.

cert. no. RUSA # Name Time
RUSA-B12518 8312 Bennett, Edward 08:59
RUSA-B12519 9931 Gryder, Susan 08:59
RUSA-B12520 11601 Haley, Joshua 08:56
RUSA-B12521 8963 Kusters, Marion 08:59
RUSA-B12522 10720 Laborde, Rebeca 08:56
RUSA-B12523 8544 Paisley, Philip 08:56
RUSA-B12524 2955 Rozelle, Paul 08:59
RUSA-B12525 9861 Schenkel, Mark 08:56
RUSA-B12526 10101 Smith, John 08:56