200 / 300 Weekend Update #1


(1) The prerides of the 200 and 300 for this upcoming weekend were successful. The final cue sheets are published to the events pages for each ride. I’ll also have copies at the start/rider check-in. There were changes to both routes. The 200K saw only a minor change, as the construction at Lakeshore and Hooks in Clermont is completed and we don’t have to go through the neighborhood there. The 300K route has changed from the prior version both out of and into Tavares because of construction on Lakeview east of SR 19. Outbound, we’ll use SR 19 to Orange. In-bound we’ll do essentially the same thing, although Bates is more pleasant than Orange at the hour most will return so note the slightly different routing there.

(2) There is a potential change to the 300K route, which is that there is construction on John Anderson that may require a detour back to A1A north before returning to the route on High Bridge Rd. Follow the detour if it is in effect and be careful.

(3) Please check the registered riders lists to make sure your name is on it. If it should be and it’s not, please let me know. Similarly, if you can’t make it, please let me know that, too. There’s still time to get signed up, so hope to see you there!

(4) There will be dinner following both rides (and beverages, of course!), but you should plan on no volunteer support of any kind during the ride itself. Stores in addition to the controls where sustenance can be had are indicated on the cue sheet. If you DNF, please have a plan for your return to Tavares that does not rely on ride volunteers. No one will be left in the countryside, but it may be many, many hours before someone is able to fetch you.

See you in Tavares,