400K Update


(1) The final cue sheet is posted to the Events page and is also here.

(2) The first 136 miles of the route checked out fine. The construction coming into Wildwood is now concluded. There’s a road-kill cow on CR 702 East of Center Hill (seriously; yuck). Unfortunately, I crashed at mile 136 and that was the end of the preride. I’m fine and you’ll see me Saturday — the ride is a “go” — but as for the rest of the route…. I expect it’s good and if for some crazy reason you come upon something…. use good judgment, be careful, and if things get too weird, give me a call and we’ll get it figured out. I don’t expect any of that. Looks like a brilliant day for a ride and these are all roads that are well-known and frequently ridden.

(3) I’ll have heavy-snacks/light lunch for all of you at Green Mountain. Ziti and accompaniments for dinner at the finish. Expect to be otherwise on your own during the ride itself.

(4) Please look at the registered riders list and let me know if you don’t see your name and think you should, or if you see your name and are not riding.

See you Friday night/Saturday AM.