Eustis-Ormond Beach 300K (20 January 2019)

Congratulations to the 40 riders who braved the elements — winds were 20mph+ and it got cold as the day progressed — to start this ride and to the 39 of you who completed it. Dave Thompson, JW Smith, and Paul Rozelle completed the workers’ ride. Special thanks to Laura Stephens (as always!), Josh and Paige Haley, and JW Smith for volunteering and making this ride happen!

4500AKBARIAN, Hamid12:48
8100BARTOLIN, Matt16:27
10323BEATY, Robert17:39
8312BENNETT, Ed13:03
560BERNASKY, Ed11:16
7691BENSON, Barry13:44
1009BOL, Tim13:41
5558BROUGHER, Michele15:19
10167BUCIUC, Razvan16:08
7357BURKE, Brian13:03
11950BURNSIDE, Rich13:03
1416CLARK, Lynn13:44
8184DAVIS, Vaune13:03
3937DELGADO, Piero16:15
9205FEINBERG, Brian15:19
10597GRAHAM, Chris13:47
9931GRYDER, Susan13:03
6176HANDS, Ian13:47
7069HELLER, Luke13:47
8502HELLER, Misha13:47
9011HOFFMAN, Joe13:41
8963KUSTERS, Marion13:03
3617LACEY, Dan12:48
9570LEBRON, Gil15:51
9105MANNING, Scott13:03
3516MENNONA, Anthony11:43
5855NEWCOMER, Robert16:15
8570OULTON, Chris16:27
6985RODEGHIER, Rick12:48
2955ROZELLE, Paul13:56
11214ROZZELLE, Ritchie13:47
9310SCHRECK, Dan16:27
7973SLOCUM, Chris15:51
10101SMITH, John Ward13:56
41SOLANICK, Jim13:41
11706SPENCE, Mary15:55
4226THOMPSON, Dave13:56
12788WEGENG, Kelley13:03
472BACHO, Paul15:55