Cracker Swamp 400K (7 July 2018)

This was our first night-ride 400K, which Ed Bennett ran as RBA-of-the-day for us. Riders started at 5pm from Tavares and rode a modified loop of the first day of the Cracker Swamp 400K (skipping Oak Hill and using the new rail trail south of Maytown Rd. to US 1, which shortened the route to about 255 miles from the original 271).  Thirteen of the 14 starters completed the ride and, by all accounts, had a good time. Perhaps there are more night rides in our future? Congrats to all who came out for the ride!

cert. no. RUSA # Name Time
RUSA-B13308 342 Ashby, Melanie 20:41
RUSA-B13309 8312 Bennett, Ed 18:30
RUSA-B13310 10822 Gold, Tayler 18:30
RUSA-B13311 8397 Gramling, Don 18:30
RUSA-B13312 9931 Gryder, Susan 18:30
RUSA-B13313 11601 Haley, Josh 18:30
RUSA-B13314 8963 Kusters, Marion 18:30
RUSA-B13315 11879 Machuca, Ana 18:30
RUSA-B13316 9105 Manning, Scott 18:30
RUSA-B13317 12324 Martyny, Donald 19:33
RUSA-B13318 9861 Schenkel, Mark 18:30
RUSA-B13319 41 Solanick, Jim 20:41
RUSA-B13320 11706 Spence, Mary 18:30