600K Cracker Swamp 600 (22 April 2017)

Congratulations to the 21 finishers of the 600K, who are listed below. The route was the first 600km of the Cracker Swamp 1200K: The entirety of Day 1, and a turn-around in Salt Springs on Day 2 to make the route come in at the correct distance. The weather was hot and mostly dry, with occasional showers. Riders also had very favorable winds that blew them from Melbourne all the way home on the first day.

This was a special ride to conclude the regular brevet season. Five riders earned their first 600s and SR series: CRUZ, GOLD, HALEY, HOFFMAN, and SHANKLIN. Laura Stephens celebrated their arrival with a wonderful cake commemorating the occasion. We had two DNFs, but in true randonneur spirit, both riders did everything they could to complete the ride and remained through the course of the ride to celebrate with other participants.  POLK once again rode round-trip from Largo, making for a 1050km weekend. Congrats also to the BROWNs, who completed their Florida adventure by riding our entire series; we hope to see you next year, too!

RUSA# Name Time
8100 BARTOLIN, Matt 37:52
8312 BENNETT, Ed 34:51
8932 BROWN, Jane 33:06
3760 BROWN, Joe 33:06
10859 CRUZ, William 34:51
10822 GOLD, Tayler 34:51
8397 GRAMLING, Don 37:44
11601 HALEY, Josh 38:23
10390 HIRSCHBRUCH, Estevam 33:06
9011 HOFFMAN, Joe 35:30
7495 KEHLER, Mike 34:51
8963 KUSTERS, Marion 34:51
9743 LINK, Robert 35:43
9105 MANNING, Scott 27:00
8570 OULTON, Chris 36:36
5912 POLK, Kent 33:51
9118 SHANKLIN, Mary 34:51
9461 STEPHENS, Jeff 35:43
9624 STURCHIO, Glenn 33:54
4226 THOMPSON, David* 34:30
9266 WILLIAMS, Mary Lu 35:43