7th Annual San An 100K (2 June 2018)

Congrats to the 18 finishers (100% completion rate!) of the seventh running of the San An 100K! It was hot and muggy per usual and although there were some brief showers in the area, I don’t think anyone got wet. We again congregated at Pancho’s Villa for a post-ride meal. Special congratulations to Jeff (El Jefe!) Stephens on completing his RUSA cup with this ride and to Evan Stalzer and Peter Boers who completed their first randonnees. A special welcome, too, to Tom Dosik for joining us all the way from Alaska! Finally, special thanks to RUSA for the 20th Anniversary patches, which were distributed at the ride finish along with populaire pins. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

RUSA # Name Time
8100 Bartolin, Matt 04:21
12686 Boers, Peter 04:21
8345 Brandon, Bill 04:45
8657 DeLoache, Bill 04:44
6302 Dosik, Tom 04:52
8397 Gramling, Don 03:48
9931 Gryder, Susan 04:19
11601 Haley, Josh 03:45
12081 Lemieux, Andrea 04:19
8544 Paisley, Philip 05:46
11154 Paulson, Michele 04:52
12107 Reppenhagen, Robert 04:19
2955 Rozelle, Paul 03:50
9310 Schreck, Dan 04:45
9118 Shanklin, Mary 03:55
12397 Stalzer, Evan 04:19
9461 Stephens, Jeff 03:55
10692 Waters, David 03:55