The following rules apply to events organized by Central Florida Randonneurs.

Familiarize yourself with the RUSA Rules for Riders. The RUSA Rules for Riders apply to every event organized by Central Florida Randonneurs. In addition to the RUSA Rules for Riders, the following rules apply to our events:

  1. These events are club rides of Central Florida Randonneurs. There are no annual dues or membership fees. We charge a nominal fee for our events to cover the cost of organizing and running them.
  2. RUSA requires RUSA membership to participate in a brevet. A non-RUSA member who rides will be disqualified without exception. This is RUSA’s rule, not mine.
  3. Each rider is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved.
  4. All riders must wear an ANSI- or Snell-approved helmet. No helmet = DNF.
  5. Brevets are held rain or shine and are rescheduled only in the event of extreme weather: ice, snow, hurricanes. No refunds for no-shows.
  6. You are responsible for knowing and obeying the Florida laws governing operation of a bicycle on a public way, including the laws on illumination for nighttime and low-light riding.
  7. Lights are required to start events longer than 200km. Lights must be nonflashing. Lights must be affixed to the bicycle. It is strongly recommended you have an independently powered back-up lighting system should your primary lighting system fail. Riding in a group does not change the lighting requirements: All riders must use their lights. No or inadequate lights at night or during low-light conditions = DNF.
  8. During night riding and low-light conditions, every rider must wear a reflective safety vest, jacket, triangle, or sash and a reflective ankle band around each ankle. You will be required to carry these reflective clothing items with you on all events longer than 200km, even if you expect to finish in daylight. You can purchase these items from the RUSA Store.
  9. Please ride in a manner that brings respect to cyclists and our sport. Be courteous to other road users. Poor road citizenship – for example, being cited for violating the traffic laws – may result in disqualification.
  10. Each rider must carry, at a minimum, a spare tube, a pump or CO2 cartridges, and a water bottle. It is strongly recommended that you carry supplies beyond those minimally required.
  11. If you have support, your support vehicle is not permitted on the route. Support crew and vehicles may meet or support their riders only at controls. Receiving non-neutral support outside a control = DNF.
  12. If you get off route, you must return to the route at the point of departure. Failure to use the prescribed route = DNF.
  13. Riders must arrive and sign in at all controls while they are open, have their brevet cards stamped and initialed, and sign and leave their brevet cards with the organizer at the end of the brevet. At unstaffed controls, obtain: (1) a store stamp or receipt; and (2) the store clerk’s initials with the time of day written on your brevet card. Turn in any receipts you obtain as proof of passage with your brevet card.
  14. Do not lose your brevet card. Loss of the brevet card or any irregularity may result in disqualification.
  15. Riders must be present at least 30 minutes before the start to allow for bike inspection, filling out paperwork, and receiving instructions. Help us make the check-in process quick and painless. Do early check-in the night before when it’s available or arrive early.
  16. A rider who abandons the event must notify the ride organizer by telephone (see contact information on the cue sheet) that he or she is not finishing and must surrender his or her brevet card. These events are not sagged. Riders who abandon are responsible for arranging their own transportation.
  17. Cell phone coverage may be limited or nonexistent in rural areas. Prepare accordingly. Carry cash or a prepaid calling card in case you need to use a pay phone or borrow the use of a business or residential phone.
  18. No whining.

Last revised 19 January 2023