Up! All Night 200K (27 July 2018)

Want to do a 200K this summer, but it’s just too hot? Are you just nuts? Then this might be for you:

: 27 July 2018 (Friday)
Start Time: 2000 — 8pm! — this is a night ride!
Distance: 200km
Location: San Antonio, Florida. Start and finish at the City Park (east of the Post Office)
: ~3,200ft (measured by Garmin 500)
Cost: $5
Cue Sheet: tentative. We’ll discuss handling controls at the pre-ride meeting; arrive early!
Check-in: 1900, at Pancho’s Villa (I’m having dinner here before the ride; join me!)
Registered Riders (as of 6/1): 3 (Haley, Rozelle, and Spence)

Prerequisites? Yes! Successful completion of a 300K or longer brevet, or permission of the organizer, which will be liberally granted, but you MUST contact me. This ride takes place entirely in the dark. There will be very limited opportunities for food/water.  THERE WILL BE NO SAG.  I want to make sure you have the necessary lighting/reflective equipment and know what you are getting into when undertaking a ride this long, in the dark, likely after being awake and working a full day, and with no support whatsoever.

Ride Description
: This is a double-running of the San An 100K, first in the counterclockwise direction and then clockwise, making for a 200K ride (it’s a loop-style out-and-back). We will start and finish in the dark; lights and reflective gear are mandatory. The route is the same as the San An route except that it is removed from the trail onto parallel roads. Although not required, it is intended and encouraged that we will ride in the audax tradition: all together, at a common pace. I will set a pace that will result in a finish time of approximately 9:30 (5:30am, Saturday). You are free to ride faster or slower, within the rules of randonneuring, of course.

Sample Waiver
: here


You MUST pre-register for this event! No day-of registrations. Preregistration must be completed by no later than Thursday at 2300, (26 July 2018).

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

Name (Last, First)

Street Address






RUSA# (if you have one)

Emergency Contact (Name)

Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

Step 2. Send in your payment. Please make your $5 check payable to Paul Rozelle, RBA, and mail it to:

Paul Rozelle, RBA Central Florida Randonneurs 1300 Friendly Way S St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Last revised: 30 June 2017