Randonneuring Organizations

Randonneurs USA — national randonneuring organization for the United States
L’Audax Club Parisien — sactions all ACP brevets and Paris-Brest-Paris
Les Randonneurs Mondiaux — sanctions 1200km Grand Randonnées, other than PBP

Other Florida Randonneuring Clubs

Gainesville Cycling Club
South Florida Randonneurs

Our Neighbors to the North

Want some real hills?  Go ride with these folks.
Alabama Randonneurs
Audax Atlanta
North Carolina Bicycle Club

Grand Randonnées

Big Wild Ride (Alaska)
Cascade (Washington)
Endless Mountains (Pennsylvania)
Gold Rush (California)
Granite Anvil (Ontario)
High Country (Colorado)
Last Chance (Colorado)
Rando Stampede (Texas)
Rocky Mountain (British Columbia)
Shenandoah (Virginia)
Silk Road 1200K (Uzbekistan).  Seriously.
Taste of Carolina (North Carolina)
Israeli Brevet 1200
Lots of other 1200s this year. Check them out here (hat tip to the Israeli Randonneurs, who have collected and maintain this list).


You can find all the permanents organized in Florida using the search function on the RUSA page.  Additionally, some permanent owners maintain websites for their routes, which are listed below.

Cycling Forever — Hamid Akbarian’s routes (Boca Raton)
Dan Wallace’s Permanents — Maitland, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, and Deltona
FlaCyclist — Tom Jordan’s routes (Melbourne; Mt. Dora)
South Florida Permanents — John Preston’s routes
South Florida Rando — Mark Dennin’s route (Miami)

Other Long Distance Cycling Resources

Ultra Marathon Cycling Association
Google randon group
FL-randon (a Yahoo! message group for all things randonneuring in the State; quiet the last few years)

Links last updated 11 December 2012