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Central Florida Randonneurs

200K Up All Night! (27 July 2018)

The fourth running of the Up All Night! 200K is in the books, and it was a historic one. First, Evan, Kelly, and Joseph completed their first-ever 200K events. Even more impressive is that Kelly is 18 (and starts college in a few weeks) and Joe is 8 (and starts 3rd grade in a few weeks). And Evan (not starting any grade), had no fewer than a million flat tires and was unflappable though all of them. Chapeau to you all!

We had the usual full moon (this ride is always run on the Friday night closest to July’s full moon) plus a brilliant view of Mars at opposition as well as a rather large and well-lit Jupiter. We never got wet and it was not as humid or as hot as this ride typically is. The skies truly cooperated.

The highlight of the ride, though, was the deer. We were proceeding on the Withlachoochee Trail, about half-way down it, when Mark and I, riding up front, heard a rustling in the brush followed by a thud, a crash, and some yelling. Certain that riders behind us had touched wheels, we circled back to find that a deer — impressive in stature by all accounts — had leapt onto the trail and broadsided Mike, taking him and his brand-new bike to the ground where Kelly proceeded to run him over (successfully) and then fell herself. Deer, riders, and bike were briefly intertwined. The deer ran off; the riders got dusted off and patched up (minor scrapes and lacerations were the worst of it). Mike’s front disk brake was uncooperative and could not be fully repaired in the field, creating some unneeded extra drag as we turned onto Trilby Road toward the finish. Mike, not satisfied with Trilby’s hills, took a misturn and gratuitously added the awful climb on Ramsey Rd and an hour’s worth of bonus miles and hills to his ride.

The traditional post-ride Denny’s breakfast was the usual big success.

Congratulations to all. Results for the 14 finishers are below; there were four DNFs.

RUSA# Name Time
8397 GRAMLING, Don 09:45
11601 HALEY, Joshua 09:38
10390 HIRSCHBRUCH, Estevam 09:38
12081 LEMIEUX, Andrea 10:10
12283 LESSMAN, Michael 11:10
8570 OULTON, Christopher 11:00
8544 PAISLEY, Philip 10:10
11409 ROZELLE, Joseph* 10:52
2955 ROZELLE, Paul* 10:52
9861 SCHENKEL, Mark 10:10
9310 SCHRECK, Dan 10:10
12157 SPENCE, Kelly 10:10
11706 SPENCE, Mary 10:10
12397 STALZER, Evan 10:10