End of the Year Rides

With the discontinuation of the permanents program, so that folks can get some rides in and keep their R-12s or P-12s going, I just put up the registration for a 100K on this Saturday out of The Bikery in St. Pete and will shortly put up the info for a 200K out of Tavares for 12/21. As usual, preregistration is required. Also, while there is no charge for either ride, being a current RUSA member at the start of the rides is required, and this will also be the case for the 2020 brevet season. This is a new requirement imposed by our insurer and is mandatory. New folks can join RUSA at the start of the ride.

Hope you’re having a great holiday season and see you on the road, Paul

2020 Randonneuring Calendar: ACP & Audax Brevets

Here’s what we have coming in 2020: ACP/RUSA brevets, a full audax brevet series, two series of audax juniors brevets, and of course, the Cracker Swamp 1200! Save the dates!

ACP/RUSA brevets
200 — January 18, 2020 (Sa) — Tavares
300 — January 19, 2020 (Su) — Tavares
400 — March 7, 2020 (Sa) — Tavares
600 — April 4, 2020 (Sa) — Tavares
100 — June 6, 2020 (Sa) — San Antonio
200 — July 17 (Fri.; night ride) — San Antonio
1200 — Nov. 5-8 (Cracker Swamp) — Tavares
fleche — April 17, 2020 (Fri) — Orlando-area finish


UAF audax brevets (start together, ride together, finish together)
200 — January 11, 2020 (Sa) — St Pete
300 — February 1, 2020 (Sa) — Tavares
400 — March 28, 2020 — Dunnellon
600 — May 2, 2020 — Tavares or Dunnellon


Aiglons (juniors’ audax brevets) (St. Pete)
20 — May 23
30 — June 13
40 — July 11
50 — Aug 15
60 — Sept 12
70 — Oct 10

40km Juniors’ Audax — This Saturday

This upcoming Saturday, August 31, is the capstone event in the aiglons de bronze UAF junior audax series: the 40km. I hope you can join us for the ride, as it will be a special one! Information on the ride is here, and please let me know if you have questions about anything.

Note that we’re keeping an eye on the tropics. It’s still too far out to forecast accurately, but it looks like Dorian should spare our ride on Saturday morning. Watch this space for further news; if we need to reschedule the — we’re not going to ride in a tropical storm or pouring rain — we will. At this point, however, we should be “go” for awesomeness. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur

Greetings from Boston, where I am en route to France for my 4th PBP-Randonneur. Many riders are making the journey from Central Florida and if you’re not making the trip yourself, you should follow their progress and wish them well. There’s a very handy rider tracker that you can use to keep tabs on your friends who are riding. The next PBP-Randonneur is not until 2023, so this is a very special time on the cycling calendar. Of course, it is not too soon to begin making your plans for PBP-Audax, which will be held from June 27 – July 1, 2020, … just around the corner. See you in France, if not sooner.


Riding Bikes Is Fun! The 30K Juniors’ Audax Brevet

We had eight intrepid young riders set out for our 30km Aiglons audax brevet on Saturday, July 13, from The Bikery. Five completed the full distance within time. Most importantly, everyone had a great time cycling together as friends and family. Congrats to Megan, Jake, Ginika, Joe, Sally, Gabe, Athicus, and Zohayra for coming out and sharing your Saturday morning together. Special thanks also to Mary S. and her daughter, Kelly, who came out to support the ride and serve as Route Captains.

Our next Aiglons ride is the capstone event of the bronze series — the 40km — on August 31, at 8:30am. Details are here, and we hope to see you on the road!

US & Central Florida Riders at PBP

Courtesy of Mark Thomas (Seattle, RUSA# 64), below are some stats on the 474 U.S. riders participating in PBP this year. A complete list of the U.S. team is here.

Riders by start time:

80h — 63 (16.9%)
84h — 92 (17.7%)
90h — 319 (65.4%)

61 riders are women, or 12.87% of the U.S. field. This is in keeping with all PBPs since 1987, and is about twice the participation rate of women as a whole on the event. Central Florida compares very favorably among 10 largest clubs, coming in second in female participation to New England.

262 riders will be attempting PBP for the first time. The repeat offenders break out as follows by number of prior completions:

1 — 92
2 — 54
3 — 25
4 — 17
5  — 13
6 — 6
7 — 2
8 — 3

Those going for nine are Paul Bacho — who has ridden a number of brevets with us — Tom Gee, and Doug Kirby. Note that the record stands at 11, and at least one of those — Dominique Lamoulier, the President of the FFCT and a frequent participant on UAF brevets — will be going for #12.  Central Florida compares favorably when looking at participants who are prior finishers. Fifteen of our riders are attempting at least their second PBP. Whether this is your first or seventh like Jim Solanick, good luck to all!

Here’s how old the U.S. riders will be at the start:

20-29 — 13
30-39 — 69
40-49 — 84
50-59 — 174
60-69 — 128
70-79 — 6

Note that you must be 18 to ride PBP, and several 18-year-olds have ridden it. There is a junior PBP, which is available to 14-17 year-olds and is quite special in that, unlike PBP, it can only ever be ridden once in a lifetime. Some details on it are here.

Finally, as a state, we represent very well. Only California (119) and Washington (64) are sending more riders than us (28).

Hope your training is going well and see you in France, if not before.

Serious Fun! 20km Juniors Brevet

Start of the UAF Aiglons 20K brevet

On the road







Congratulations to the 9 intrepid randonneurs — 5 girls and 4 boys — who completed the first-ever juniors audax brevet in St. Petersburg on June 15, 2019! Cole, Megan, Dylon, Jagger, Mattie, Ginika, Joe, Sally, and Savannah were accompanied by 4 capitaines de route (Susan G., Mary S., Susan R., and Paul R.) and 5 “route closers” (serre-files): Robert R., David G., Mike M., Kim W., and Matt G. Everyone had a great time, and special thanks to The Bikery for hosting us. We’ll be back at The Bikery for the 30km (19-mile) juniors audax on July 13, 2019, starting at 9:00 a.m. Hope to see you there!

Kids’ 20km Audax, June 15, St. Pete

What: A 20km (12-mile) group bicycle ride for kids (age 18 and under); parents welcome, too!

When: Saturday, June 15, 2019. We ride at 9:30AM!

Where: The Bikery, 2222 1st Ave S, St. Pete. We will ride on the Pinellas Trail.

Is this for me? We will all ride together at a very moderate pace — about 10-12 miles an hour — emphasizing safety and camaraderie. We’ll stop to stretch and rest briefly at the midpoint. The ride, including the stop, will take 1:15 to complete.

What Is AudaxAudax is an old French word meaning “audacious” and is a form of cycling popular in France where riders start together, ride together, and finish together. Audax is noncompetitive and emphasizes the social and community-building aspects of cycling. Participants ride together under the direction of route captains who follow the route and maintain the appropriate pace.

Anything else? The ride is free! Don’t forget sunscreen and water. Helmets required. The ride is sanctioned l’Union des Audax Francais and a waiver is required to participate. Finishers will be awarded a medal (after they arrive from France; they are quite excellent and coveted!). Parents are welcome on the ride (with a helmet) but you’re also free to have a coffee at The Bikery or explore on your own while we ride, too.

Questions? Call or text Paul at 614-565-3483, or email to prozelle at gmail dot com.

San An 100K Update


(1) The final cue sheet has been posted to the Events page. The route is unchanged materially.  There is a change where Curley Rd runs into Old St. Joe Rd; that intersection was redesigned and there’s now a T-intersection (and stop sign) there. The cue sheet reflects this change.

(2) Last night’s workers’ ride revealed that the construction at Cortez and Jasmine is now, thankfully, complete. The roads are in the same general condition as in past years: there are some areas of potholes, broken pavement, and sand that’s been washed onto some of the road. Be attentive and careful. We also saw many wild animals, some of which wanted to cross our paths. Be on the watch for 4-legged hazards, too.

(3) The ride starts promptly at 8am. I’ll be there to check everyone in and get y’all started, but then I have to depart for a family function in Orlando, so I won’t be there at the end. Dan Schreck will be in charge of the completion of the ride and I’ll explain the finish/check-in procedures in the preride announcements. Make sure you don’t miss those.

Brevet Week Update #2 — Bonus Rocket Launch


1. I hope you are enjoying your rest day — beach, pool, or just lounging around doing nothing. You earned it.

2. Especially for our out-of-staters, you’d be seriously remiss to miss the Falcon Heavy launch scheduled for this evening, sometime between 1830 and 2030. Don’t watch this on the internet; step outside and look due East; Cape Kennedy is less than 60 miles away and, unless the horizon is heavily clouded, the launch should be plainly visible to the naked eye. And if the rocket goes toward the end of the launch window, you’ll be lucky enough to see a night launch, which is truly spectacular, even from that distance. Enjoy!

3. Some notes on the 400K: Great route; no changes. CR 2082 is in rough shape; use the bike path that you came in on, about 100 yards after turning onto the road. Watch the loose sand and stone if you do this. It’s a deceptively hilly route; I recorded 6,100 feet of climbing on it. Not a single climb of significance — never left the big ring — but it adds up. Wildlife sightings: bear (mom & cub), deer, coyote, snakes, raccoons, fireflies (rare in Florida; sighted just after last light in Emeralda Marsh)…. everything was out yesterday.

4. Study the 600K cue sheet with a map! My locals know this route, but it can be perplexing to newcomers. It is easy to have your GPS lead you astray. Verifying your progress along the route using the cue sheet is critical! Please make sure you know where you’re going. And remember that if you depart the route, you must return to the point of departure and then continue on the correct route.

5. Check-in for the 400K is Wednesday from 6pm-7pm at Room 134, and 4:30-5am in the lobby on Thursday. Check-in for the 600K is Friday evening from 6pm-7pm at Room 134, and 3:30-4am Saturday.