Updates: 1000K, 2015 Brevet Season, and 100K Populaire

1. Check out the updates on the 1000K on the Events page. (And also on the pages for the 300Ks and the 400K.)

2.  We have the start/finish hotel situation squared away. Sorry about that SNAFU. Also, check the registered riders list and let me know if your name is missing (and shouldn’t be). I’ve had a few folks have issues with the on-line registration form. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Still plenty of time to register; get on it!

3.  Dates for the 2015 brevets will be released once they are official and approved by RUSA/the ACP. Thanks for your patience.

4.  While you’re gearing up for next year’s brevets, we’ll have one final offering for 2014: another 100K populaire. Check back here for date and details soon.

Results of the 3rd Annual San An 100K

Congratulations to all of our finishers, who are listed below, alphabetically. Y’all became the only recipients of the *new!* 100K populaire pin in the State of Florida. And Luke’s gets to travel back to England with him. The park was a nice venue, but I am looking forward to the opening of the Public House in a month so we can take the party there on next year’s ride.

Next up is the 1000K (or its constituent parts, three separate rides of 400/300/300 that are being offered concurrent with the 1000). Enjoy your summer, and hope to see you all there!

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 04:46
8345 BRANDON Bill 04:16
BRODSKY Linda 06:07
9345 CALDERIN Jose 04:40
7306 DAVIDSON Judie 05:40
DINELL Kim 06:07
DUCHARME Linda 06:22
7253 DUKE Lynn 04:14
FULLER Bruce 04:42
HURLEY Brian 04:46
JOYSMITH Luke 04:12
KOKEN Melinda 06:22
LEGGETT Valerie 04:42
QUINN Dave 05:40
QUINN Maureen 05:40
2955 ROZELLE Paul 04:45
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 04:39

San An Update #2

Last night’s preride was awesome. Lots of deer, armadillo, rabbits, and a red hawk. Low humidity, lots of stars, and a setting crescent moon backlighting the Spanish moss hanging from live oak trees. We’ll have to do this route as a night ride sometime.

1.  The final cue sheet is here. Those who have done this route in the past will find it fundamentally unchanged, other than the start/finish location.

2. New pavement on Curley Rd and Snow Memorial Hwy. Woo hoo!

3. Watch for sand on Jessamine Rd. Lots of it.

4. The controls will be unstaffed. Remember that proper verification at a control is the time, clerk’s initials, and a receipt or store stamp on your brevet card. If you collect receipts, turn them in with your card at the finish.

5. See you Saturday!



San An 100K Update #1


1. Looking forward to Saturday’s ride. Not registered? Get on it!  Questions?  Email or call.

2.  The start/finish location will be in City Park, which is at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Main St. For those who have done the ride in the past, this is on block East of the San An Market. Sadly, the Markey is closed. Also, sadly, the Local Public House, its replacement, is not yet open, although the progress on finishing it up seems to be coming along nicely. Note that this is NOT the ball fields further up Curley Road, for those used to riding out of that location. That park opens at 0800, and they seem to be serious about it, so since our group is small, we’ll start “downtown.”

3. Parking.  Ample on-street parking in the vicinity of the Park. Do the businesses on Pennsylvania Ave a solid and park farther to the East, please.  Also, DO NOT park in the formerly gravel lot by the old San An Market. They are in the midst paving that and your car may be towed.

4. Cue Sheet.  Coming tomorrow (Thursday) morning. My post-work preride last night was a bust owing to an irreparable taillight failure (copper switching mechanism broke; at least this happened in the parking lot, and not mid-ride). So, I am headed out again tonight to check the route by bicycle.

5. Check-in.  I’ll be at the park at 0700.  The ride starts at 0800, SHARP.  Get there early. Look for my white truck; you can’t miss me.

6. Support/SAG.  None. Randonneuring is self-supported, and this ride is in keeping with that ethos. Please review the rules and let me know if you have questions.


Qualifying & Registering for Paris-Brest-Paris 2015: Three Simple Steps

For those new to it, the PBP process can seem overwhelming. Here it is, in a nutshell:

(1) You must qualify to ride PBP. Qualification means riding a complete ACP-sanctioned brevet series (called a Super Randonneur series) between October 31, 2014, and July 14, 2015. So, to qualify for PBP in 2015, you’ve got to ride a 200, 300, 400 and 600 in 2015. (No qualifying ACP brevets are scheduled in the Northern Hemisphere prior to January 1, 2015.) Nothing you do (or don’t do) in 2014 affects qualification for 2015. More information on qualifying for PBP can be found here.

(2) You may want to preregister for PBP, to ensure that you can attend. There will be a rider cap for PBP. Riders will be permitted to preregister for PBP based on the longest ACP brevet or RM (1200km or longer) ride completed from November 1, 2013 to October 31, 2014 — i.e., this year (2014) for those riding in the Northern Hemisphere — up until the cap is reached. The preregistration process is just a way of establishing the priority or order of riders in signing up for the event. In the past, the cap has never been reached, and everyone who qualified for PBP and wanted to attend has been offered a place. Preregistration does not open until next year — 2015 — but it’s the longest ride that you do this year, in 2014, that matters for where your place in line is. The only thing that matters for preregistration is the longest ride. So, if you complete an ACP 1000K, but you don’t complete any other rides this year, you would still be in the highest priority for preregistration. Even if preregistered, you must still qualify to attend PBP. You can read more about the preregistration process here.

(3) You must register for PBP. Registration for PBP occurs later in 2015, after you complete at least 3 of your 4 qualifying brevets (see #1, above). Registration opens on June 6, 2015, and closes July 14, 2015. If you are preregistered, you must convert your preregistration to a registration by no later than June 24, 2015, or it will be cancelled. After June 24, anyone qualified may register (assuming that space remains) first-come, first-served, until July 14 or the cap is reached. More information about the registration process is located here.

For all of these steps – preregistration, qualification, and registration – permanents and other RUSA-only sanctioned randonnées and brevets do not count.

Results of the Eustis-Seville Loop 600K

19 riders started and 16 made it ’round in what felt like the first day of summer. Congrats to you all, and especially to those who completed their first ACP SR series, which is quite an impressive accomplishment. Although it was his second SR series, Ched deserves special commendation: it was his second series this year and he completed both series on a 29’er. I have only two words for that: Bad. Ass.

I believe the purpose of a brevet series — in addition to, hopefully, being fun in its own right — is to qualify and prepare our riders to be successful on 1200K events. Those of you who completed this series should consider yourselves prepared. I make the rides tough and challenging so that you can meet the challenges — especially the challenges of hillier terrain — you’ll find elsewhere with confidence. Good luck to those of you riding 1200s this year (and let me know how it goes).

Next up is the San An 100K on June 7, and a new 1000K route on October 11.  I hope to see you on both, and please spread the word about the rides. See you on the road! -Paul

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
9217 ALICEA Ricardo 37:47
6388 BADGER Charles 38:53
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 38:53
1009 BOL Tim 36:20
8296 BOMBKA Michael 36:57
185 GRABIAK Larry 36:20
7479 HURLEY Brian 38:53
7495 KEHLER Mike 36:57
4670 LONGLEY Judith 38:19
9105 MANNING Scott 36:43
8261 MIRO SR Ricardo 37:47
2955 ROZELLE Paul 38:11
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 38:19
41 SOLANICK Jim 33:02
4226 THOMPSON David 33:02
8441 WELLS Ched 38:19

Eustis-Seville Loop 600K Update #1

I survived the preride. Here is some important intel on the route:

  • The final cue sheet is posted here. If you have questions, please let me know.
  • For veterans, this is the traditional 400K route (#555), with some modifications mentioned below, with a portion of route #733, plus some new bits, tacked on to make the final 200K.
  • New procedure: you may (and are encouraged to!) check in Friday night and do your bike/reflective gear inspection then, but — this is the new part — even if you do, you will need to get the stamp for the opening control on Saturday before you start.
  • Note the rerouting around Wildwood, which is due to road closures/construction. You may follow the signed detour for autos (unpleasant), or you may follow the route indicated on the cue sheet (quite nice).
  • If you are riding straight through, or will leave early in the morning on Sunday for the final 200K, note that the Discount Mini Mart (miles 271.4 and 348.4) closes at 2200 Saturday night and opens at 0700 Sunday morning. Similarly, the Seville control (mile 309.9) closes at 2200 Saturday night and opens Sunday morning at 0600. If you are at any of those controls when they are closed, you will treat them as info controls. The questions will be printed in your brevet card on your cue sheet. Questions? Ask now. Note also that you can expect NO services for the last 200K if you are riding straight through. Plan accordingly.
  • There may be bathrooms at the control in Paisley (miles 271.4 and 348.4), and at another store to the north short bit, they will be closed at best and open but in unspeakably foul condition at worst. Your best bet for restrooms are the public ones on the east side of the road, on the north side of town (available between sunrise and sunset). Plan accordingly.
  • Bring a pen for the info control (mile 362.5). I guarantee you will NOT remember the answer, and will have to write it down at the site. Trust me.
  • Not registered? You’ve got through tomorrow.  Registered but not coming? Please let me know.
  • See you on the ride!

Results of the EME 400K

33 of you braved the elements on Saturday, and 28 made it ’round for a successful completion of a difficult 400K. Some day we’ll run this route without you guys getting totally soaked. At least this year it was a warm rain. Thank you to Cara and Dan for your help at lunch. Registration for the 600K is up; I hope to see you all there.

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
9217 ALICEA Ricardo 22:03
342 ASHBY Melanie 18:32
6388 BADGER Charles 18:32
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 22:03
8312 BENNETT Edward 17:02
1009 BOL Tim 18:32
1755 BOLTON Dan 19:38
8296 BOMBKA Michael 17:02
8304 CANNEDY Michelle 18:29
1172 CHERNEKOFF Janice 22:54
7449 D’AIUTO Ruth 17:02
8957 DRAPER Tracy 17:02
8263 ETHERIDGE Mark 17:02
8397 GRAMLING Don 17:02
7479 HURLEY Brian 22:03
7495 KEHLER Mike 17:02
8963 KUSTERS Marion 17:02
9105 MANNING Scott 17:02
8261 MIRO SR Ricardo 22:03
2861 NEWMAN Christine 22:54
8303 PADILLA Tony 17:02
2427 PHELPS Wayne 18:32
2955 ROZELLE Paul 19:04
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 22:54
5867 SHERRICK Keith 17:02
5363 SHUYA Terry 18:29
4226 THOMPSON David 18:29
8441 WELLS Ched 22:19

Eustis-Maxville 400K Update #1

I pre-rode the route on Sunday 3/16. Here are some observations:

–Your attention is especially commended to the updated Rider Notes, here.

–The final cue sheet is here.  Let me know if you have questions.

–The Garmin link to my ride is here. Don’t use this for navigation, but it’ll give you a good sense of where the route goes and what my ride looked like.

–The hotel has rooms for $99/night; mention Central Florida Randonneurs.

–Some of the roads may be rougher than what some of you are used to (Hibiscus, which looked like it was imported from Bosnia when we saw it on the 600K last year, has been thankfully repaved).  CR 315/315C in Clay County is pretty rough. Be careful, especially if you are pacelining. FYI, I rode on a (geared) racing bike with 23mm tires and it was fine, but your mileage may vary.

–Lunch provided to you in Maxville Park. There are also ample restaurants in Middleburg and Interlachen. One of these days I’ll try the burger place/biker bar at the intersection of CR 310 and CR 315 (mile 178.6).

–SR19 is signed as if road work were starting. Or, may it’s over and they haven’t taken the signs down yet. There was no construction activity yesterday

Results of the Mosquito Lagoon 300K

All your postcards have arrived and the results are submitted. Congrats to the 42 finishers on a job well done. You had some fog, then sun, humidity, and a bit of headwind on that southbound stretch. It looked like nothing but smiles out there. Now go sign up for the 400K while still in the thralls of enthusiasm!

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
9217 ALICEA Ricardo 12:03
6388 BADGER Charles 12:53
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 14:28
8007 BENKLY Christine 13:32
8312 BENNETT Edward 12:53
3825 BLANKENSHIP Linda 17:56
1009 BOL Timothy 13:32
8296 BOMBKA Michael 12:10
8345 BRANDON Bill 14:28
7357 BURKE Brian 11:06
7449 D’AIUTO Ruth 12:53
5244 DEARDEN Craig 13:32
8957 DRAPER Tracy 12:53
6643 EADDY Vance 13:32
2421 FUOCO Art 13:32
185 GRABIAK Larry 13:32
8397 GRAMLING JR Don 12:53
6575 GREENE Daniel 13:32
9007 HOLMAN James 14:28
7479 HURLEY Brian 14:28
7936 INGELS James 11:06
8338 JOHNSEN Scott 13:32
7495 KEHLER Mike 12:10
8963 KUSTERS Marion 12:53
4670 LONGLEY Judith 13:32
9105 MANNING Scott 12:53
6700 MCCARTHY Steven 13:32
7727 MCDANIEL JR Kenneth 11:06
8261 MIRO SR Ricardo 12:03
8303 PADILLA Tony 12:10
5232 PARSELLS Anthony 12:53
2375 PRESTON John 12:01
8986 PRESTON Juliet 12:01
7770 ROSBURG Scot 11:06
7057 ROWE Kim 12:04
2955 ROZELLE Paul 14:58
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 14:28
5867 SHERRICK Keith 12:53
1856 TOLBERT Jim 17:56
3283 TOMBLIN Ben 12:00
9134 VOORHEES Dennis 15:50
8441 WELLS Ched 17:07