300K Results / 400K Update #1

1. Results of the Tavares-San Antonio 300K are here. Congrats to our 35 finishers. While y’all were riding on a near-perfect day, I snuck out and did some Sugarloafing on the Moots fixed-gear. Judith and I then reconnoitered a tiki bar in downtown Tavares. What a great day to be on the bike!

2. The 400K (March 7) is coming up quick. Registration is here. The registered riders list is current as of 2/22 at 8pm. If you don’t see your name there and should, please email me. If you’re not coming, please let me know that, too. Get your hotel reservations squared away, too. The cue sheet will be published after the workers’ ride.

300K Update #2

1. Thanks to Dougin M., who caught an error on the cue sheet (three lines were deleted from the route in the return trip). The correct version is up everywhere, and it’s here, too. The cue sheet is current and FINAL as of 2/17 at 7pm.

2. 36 registered riders and counting. Let me know if you’re not coming, if you don’t see your name on the list, or if you have any questions. Not registered? You’ve got through tomorrow evening.


300K Update #1


1. The final cue sheet is now posted to the events page. It’s also here.

2. Three of us did the preride. Total blast. Fun route. For those who did the 200K, it’s that route plus another 50K out-and-back to San Antonio. It is not flat, but it’s not unreasonable, either.

3.  The only thing of note is the construction on CR 561 at CR 455. I did NOT change the cue sheet to reflect the detour, since the detour we saw on Saturday may not be what you see on 2/21. Follow the signs, whatever they are, to remain south-bound on CR 561. They’re putting in a round-about there, which — when it’s done — will be totally awesome. For now, it’s a construction zone. Other than that, Green Pond Road is still rough (but was ridden on a fixed-gear with 23mm tires, so it can’t be all that bad for the rest of y’all) and, depending on the time of day you’re there, you may have some traffic on Clinton and Prospect Roads. There’s a Denny’s at the turn-around which makes a fine lunch spot. And, on the return trip, keep in mind that the location of the sign with the hole punch is NOT the same as the location of the info control. This is clear on the cue sheet, but it still managed to confuse a few folks on the 200K. Questions? Just ask.

4. The list of registered riders is current as of 2/12 at 7:30pm 2/14 at 7pm 2/17 at 7am. Please check it. Coming and don’t see your name? Please register or let me know. This is a good time to pay, too, if you’ve not already tended to that. Similarly, if you registered but are not attending, please let me know.

See you on the 21st!

Upcoming Events


The 200/300 on MLK Jr. weekend was a great success. For those of you who did it, thank you for being part of such a fun-filled community event. If you missed it, or if you’re already jazzed for the next ride, here’s what’s coming up:

300K    February 21
400K    March 7
600K    April 25
flèche   April 3 (Easter weekend)
1200K  Sunshine 1200 — May 14-17
4th Annual San An 100K — June 6

Reminder that for the remaining brevets (other than the 100K), lights and reflective gear are required. Also a reminder that for these rides, the cue sheet is your Bible. There were a few folks on the 200/300 who were confused or led astray by what their GPS was telling them. Especially for something like the locations of controls, take a look at your cue sheet and save yourself stress and anxiety. As always, holler at me with any questions, etc.  See you on the road, -Paul

200 / 300 Results

What a weekend! Results from the 200K on Saturday are here, and for the 300K, they’re here. We had 72 riders start the 200K, and 71 of you finished. Congrats! The 300K saw 40 of 43 riders complete the route officially.

Despite some occasionally annoying winds and a chilly start on Saturday morning, you couldn’t ask for better weather both days. Thank you to the very many of you who came from distant lands — even Canada! — to ride with us this weekend. We’re glad to give you a rest from the snow, cold, and dreary days of winter. A very special thank you, though, goes to Judith Longley, who was a huge help on both days with getting you folks checked in and fed after the rides. Bravo!

I’m really excited about the interest in PBP this year. I’m looking forward to it, and I know a good many of you are, too. Like I said on Friday night, my goal this year is to help as many of you who want to to go and to be successful on the ride. Holler at me if there’s anything I can do to answer questions or help you along the way.

Our next event is the 300K, which will be familiar to many of you. It’s the 200K route, plus an additional 50K to San Antonio (and 50K back). It’s the full 2nd day of the 1000K last year, for those of you who experienced that. Registration is available here. Looking forward to seeing you there! -Paul

200/300 Update #2

1. Rider check-in at 6pm. Hotel conference roof.  SW corner of hotel.  Look for my white truck with the RBA sticker.

2.  PBP presentation/Q&A at 7pm at the hotel conference room.  DINNER is included.  Stop on by.

3.  There are info and postcard controls on these rides.  Remember to pack a pen/pencil!

4.  See y’all there.  Call the cell with questions. 614/565-3483.

200/300 Update #1

1. The FINAL cue sheets for the rides this upcoming weekend are now posted. Quick link to the 200K cue sheet here, and the 300K cue sheet here. They’re also on the events page for each ride.

2. The lists of registered riders are current as of 1/11 at 3pm 1/12 at 8pm EST 1/14 at 11pm. If your name should be there and isn’t, let me know. If you cannot make it, please let me know that, too. If you have registered but not yet paid, please tend to that as well. Registration is open through Wednesday at 5pm.

3.  I pre-rode the 200K yesterday with Tim and Judith. Be prepared for some climbing. Construction is scheduled to begin this week at the intersection of CR 561 & CR 455 so be careful there. There’s now water and bathrooms available at both ends of the Van Fleet Trail. And Green Pond Road desperately needs a re-pave, but it’s rideable on an aluminum-frame fixed-gear with 23mm tires. (You may find different equipment more suitable.) Note that the control in Lakeland is on the far side of US 98. They have the usual gas station fare in addition to some pre-made sandwiches.

4.  Brian and Kenneth pre-rode the 300K, also yesterday. “Lakes, the ocean and rural farms cover everything a randonneur could want in Florida. . . .” CR 445 is a bit rough (but way better than Green Pond). This is quite an easy route, but if the wind blows (like it did yesterday), it is extremely exposed so you’ll get no respite from it. There are also long stretches with NO shade, so remember the sunscreen.

5.  Interested in PBP? Come by the conference room at the hotel on Friday at 7pm for an info and Q&A session. (Back of the hotel, on the west side. Look for the RUSA sign.)Dinner included. I haven’t decided on what yet, but there’ll be vegan/vegetarian and GF options. No charge. Everyone is invited.


Year-end Reminders

Some year-end reminders, as we approach the 2015 brevet season:

1.  If you earned any RUSA distance awards in 2014, order those now, if you’ve not already done so, to avoid missing out on your hard-earned hardware.

2.  Check your RUSA membership status to ensure that you are a RUSA member before the start of the ride so that you receive “credit” for it, if that’s important to you. Remember that permanents cannot be ridden by non-RUSA members, and non-members include those whose memberships have lapsed.

3.  With our first brevet less than three weeks away, now is a good time for veterans and rookies alike to review and refresh themselves not only on RUSA’s Rules, but also the Rules for Central Florida Randonneurs.

4.  Especially for you new(er) folks, here is a short introduction to what you can expect on your first brevet. Time spent now studying and becoming comfortable with the rules and procedures of randonneuring will prevent day-of-ride stress and headaches (and will also give you ample time to holler at me if you have any questions).

5.  Reflective Gear merits a special mention this year, since there is a lack of uniformity in what RBAs require in this regard. The RUSA rule on reflective gear is here (scroll down to Article 10). The RUSA rule is the rule for Central Florida Randonneurs’ rides. Sam Brown or bandolier-style reflective belts are still permitted by RUSA, and therefore I will continue to accept them. You are, of course, free and encouraged to add additional reflective gear to your clothing and bicycle. Although it is not the rule, RUSA has a “best practices” guide for reflective gear located here, which I commend to your attention. You are all adults and experienced cyclists and are ultimately responsible for the safety of your own ride — not RUSA; not me — and so I leave it to your judgment and experience, and based on your own comfort level and the particulars of each night ride, whether you want to use any additional reflective gear beyond the minimum requirements. However, riding without the RUSA-required minimum reflective gear at night on in low-light conditions will result in your disqualification.

6.  Support and SAG also merit a special mention, as brevets in some areas of the country have recently seen an increase in support, including providing all food and drink to the riders and even SAG service on brevets. You should not expect this on any Central Florida ride. I believe that self-sufficiency is the hallmark of randonneuring. If you will be fed at any of the controls on a Central Florida brevet, this will be clearly indicated on the cue sheet, the brevet card, and in the pre-ride instructions made available on this website well before the ride. (Our 400K this year, for example, will include the usual lunch stop at Ferndale Park because of the great distance and difficult terrain that exists between Center Hill and West Orange/Oakland.) Otherwise, you should assume and prepare for these rides as if you are totally on your own for food, hydration, supplies, and mechanical problems and that all controls are unstaffed. Remember that non-neutral SAG is forbidden anywhere other than at a control, and that if you abandon a brevet, you — not the RBA or the volunteers — are responsible for getting yourself and your bicycle back to the ride start. There is no SAG on these events. If you have questions about this, please contact me.

7.  Finally, this is a PBP year. Our rides will be especially well attended this year and, for those looking to make the quadrennial pilgrimage to France, you’ll have many opportunities to meet and ride with other like-minded randonneurs, including a number of us who have done PBP before (and, in some cases, many times before). Take advantage of these opportunities on the rides, and also feel free to pick my brain. I’ll have presentations on PBP on the nights before the 200K and the 600K (see those event pages for details), but feel free to call or email with questions and I’m glad to “pay it forward” and help you on this most excellent adventure.

Happy New Year, bon route, and see you on the road in 2015!

2015 Brevet Schedule

The brevet schedule for 2015:

200K    January 17
300K    January 18
300K    February 21
400K    March 7
600K    April 25
flèche   April 3 (Easter weekend)
1200K  Sunshine 1200 — May 14-17
4th Annual San An 100K — June 6

The 200/300 in January is on MLK Jr weekend and presents a good opportunity, especially for our out-of-state randonneurs seeking some Florida sunshine, to knock off 2 of the 4 ACP brevets necessary to qualify for PBP early in the year. We’ll also have the first of a 2-part presentation on qualifying, preparing for, and riding PBP on Friday night at the start/finish hotel (the second part occurring on the Friday evening prior to the 600K). Whether PBP is in your future, or just intriguing, you’ll want to check this out. Tips, strategies, advice, and answers to your questions. Plus….  Food.

The Sunshine 1200K is the first 1200 held in Florida since 2006 (which had only 7 finishers). It’s a unique point-to-point route from Key West to Fort Myers Beach and should provide an excellent experience, either as a PBP tune-up or alternative. You can get on the interested rider list here.

We’ll also host a flèche in 2015, which will end at my home on Tampa Bay. Celebratory Easter Brunch at 0700. The kids show up for a humongous egg hunt, complete with a Le Mans start, at ~1030.

Finally, we’ll have the return of the San An 100 in June, which will start and end at the new Local Public House. Can’t wait for that.

Questions? Holler at me.


Results of the Pinellas Beaches 100K Populaire

We hade 19 start and all 19 of you finished. Congrats, especially to those whose first brevet this was. I’m glad y’all came out, and I’m glad that the threatened rain never materialized, although that brisk wind played with y’all a bit. My kids loved seeing everyone; it won’t be long before they’re out there riding with you guys. See everyone in January for the 200/300! -Paul

cert. no. RUSA # Name Time
RUSA-P09499 9463 BARTH, Roger 04:43
RUSA-P09500 8312 BENNETT, Ed 04:43
RUSA-P09501 8345 BRANDON, Bill 04:55
RUSA-P09502 6643 EADDY, Vance 04:43
RUSA-P09503 39 EVERARD, Bruce 05:45
RUSA-P09504 FULLER, Bruce 04:55
RUSA-P09505 8963 KUSTERS, Marion 04:43
RUSA-P09506 LEGGETT, Valerie 04:55
RUSA-P09507 6700 MCCARTHY, Steve 04:43
RUSA-P09508 9870 NAGY, Coleen 04:43
RUSA-P09509 NAGY, Mike 04:43
RUSA-P09510 9904 NELSON, Paul 04:55
RUSA-P09511 8570 OULTON, Chris 06:04
RUSA-P09512 5912 POLK, Kent 04:41
RUSA-P09513 POLK, Judy 04:41
RUSA-P09514 8367 POOLER, Bob 04:43
RUSA-P09515 2955 ROZELLE, Paul 05:09
RUSA-P09516 4226 THOMPSON, David 04:43
RUSA-P09517 YEN, Pamela 06:04