Paris-Brest-Paris Audax: 2-6 July 2016

If you missed PBP or can’t wait to do it again, there is another PBP. This one will be held in 2016, over Independence Day weekend. This “other” PBP is the Audax version, in which riders start, ride, and finish together under the direction of a route captain who sets a common pace (22.5km/hr).  The stops and their duration are preordained (and meals, overnight accommodations at the controls, and a drop bag are included in the entry fee). 

Although many years ago there was a small group in New York that briefly organized audax rides and a few Americans have done PBP-Audax in the past, this common-pace style of randonneuring is largely unknown here in the United States.  Our rides are allure-libre — free-paced — events where riders can ride any pace and stop wherever and for however long they want so long as they respect the times that the controls are open and complete the event within the overall time limit.

You can find more information on PBP-Audax here (in French; use a web-based translator). The English-language registration form is here.

I just sent in my registration for PBP-Audax, which is the 16th running of that event. It’s held only every five years, so if you miss this one, your next chance will be in 2021 (the next PBP-Randonneur is in 2019). If you’re going (or thinking about it), contact me if you’re interested in coordinating travels and connecting beforehand.

There are, of course, no “easy” 1200s and this one presents a number of special challenges; I recommend due-diligence prior to plunking down your euros. The language and logistics are more significant than with PBP-randonneur and the common-pace style of riding is not for everyone. One would think that riding with a group is easier –drafting!  woo hoo! — but for those who are not used to it, it’s a lot of work to ride someone else’s — not your own — pace for even a short while, let alone for four days and 750 miles. Among the many attractions of the event is that the route is different than PBP-randonneur. The ride starts and ends in Montlhéry (south of Paris), and your 450km point is Saint-Brieuc, not Loudèac.
Perhaps I’ll see you in Montlhéry on this new adventure!
Paul Rozelle #2955
RBA, Central Florida Randonneurs
PBP ’07, ’11, & ’15

Results of the Tavares-Flagler Beach 300K

Twelve of the 14 who braved the winds (and rain, downed tress, and fallen power lines) completed the 300K on Sunday. Congrats to all who faced the challenge.

RUSA# Name Time
472 BACHO, Paul 17:55
8312 BENNETT, Ed 14:58
560 BERNASKY, Ed 11:48
805 GERBLICH, Adi 17:55
2510 HIMSTEDT, Glenn 14:42
1245 KOEGEL, Jim 17:17
8963 KUSTERS, Marion 14:58
9105 MANNING, Scott 14:58
9861 SCHENKEL, Mark 14:58
9624 STURCHIO, Glenn 14:58
4226 THOMPSON, David 16:48
8023 WATKINS, Cindy 17:55

Results of the Tavares-Polk City 200K

You could not ask for better weather. Sunny, dry, not humid, and the wind really wasn’t a factor. The get-together after the ride was the real highlight, with people sticking around to renew old friendships and make new connections. Forty-six of 48 completed the ride. Congratulations to all!

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
9217 ALICEA Ricardo 08:54
5927 ANDERSON Rorie 09:40
472 BACHO Paul 09:56
6388 BADGER Charles 09:40
9463 BARTH Roger 08:48
8100 BARTOLIN Matt 09:42
10127 BEACH Miles 08:49
3695 BECKE Alan 09:40
9369 BENNETT Dan 08:32
8312 BENNETT Ed 08:32
560 BERNASKY Ed 06:39
1009 BOL Tim 10:05
8296 BOMBKA Mike 08:39
14 BUZZEE David 09:52
1399 ERWIN Bill 08:20
2421 FUOCO Art 09:31
8397 GRAMLING Don 09:31
9931 GRYDER Susan 09:31
10410 HINCKLEY Bruce 08:20
9011 HOFFMAN Joe 09:25
10443 JENSEN B S 08:32
10674 JEPSON Andrea 08:39
7495 KEHLER Mike 06:32
1245 KOEGEL Jim 09:40
8963 KUSTERS Marion 08:32
4670 LONGLEY Judith 10:05
9105 MANNING Scott 08:49
1074 MARROCCO John 08:32
10857 MCDUFFIE Mark 08:39
8261 MIRO Ricardo 08:59
MITCHELL Travis 09:37
9870 NAGY Coleen 08:39
8303 PADILLA Tony 08:39
6751 PETTIS Mike 08:37
8367 POOLER Bob 10:33
6985 RODEGHIER Rick 09:21
2955 ROZELLE Paul 10:05
9861 SCHENKEL Mark 08:37
10685 SCHLONEGER Stephen 08:32
5867 SHERRICK Keith 06:37
10101 SMITH John 08:49
9461 STEPHENS Jefe 10:33
10316 SUKO Aaron 09:37
4226 THOMPSON David 09:29
10692 WATERS David 08:32
WOLF Tom 09:45

200K/300K Weekend — Update #3

1. Rider check-in for the 200K this evening in the lobby of the hotel at 6pm until 7pm (and Saturday in the lobby from 0600-0645). If you’re riding both the 200 and the 300, you’ll check in for the 200K only on Fri/Sat. We’ll handle check-in for the 300K following your completion of the 200K on Saturday (or on Sunday morning from 0500-0545 in the hotel lobby).

2. This weather should blow out of here mid-day Friday, making for a very nice ride on Saturday. Sunday looks cooler and possibly wet at times, so please plan clothing accordingly.

3. Following the 200K, we’ll have food and beverages at the hotel; room/details announced at check-in/ride start. Same thing following the 300K.

4. Please remember that these rides are unsupported. Randonneuring is self-sufficient cycling and there is NO SAG on the route. Ensure that you are equipped to handle mechanicals and that you pace yourself, dress, eat, and hydrate appropriately. I will not leave anyone out on the course, but if your planning involves no more than “call the organizer when I’m bonked/wet/cold/having no fun,” then realize that you might be waiting many hours for a pick-up.

5. Although there is no lighting/reflective gear inspection for the 200K, if it will take you more than about 10 hours to complete this ride you should bring these things with you because you will be riding in the dark. Being disqualified for finishing in the dark or low-light conditions without proper lighting and reflective gear should be the least of your concerns. Being killed or maimed by a driver who did not see you would top that list. Please be safe.


200K/300K Weekend — Update #2


1. The 300K cue sheet is now posted. It’s here and on the Events page for that ride. For veterans, the route differs from previous runnings in two significant ways. First, we head out to the beach and then south on A1A rather than go through the Tomoka preserve. High Bridge is closed and, thus, a rerouting is required. We go to the beach, hit the control, and then turn around.  The second difference is owing to the encroaching dunes on A1A, the route turns off onto Central and heads through Flagler Beach. The route is otherwise unchanged from the previous two editions. There is a postcard control, so bring a pen. You will be given the postcard. For veterans and newbies alike, remember that this is a very, very remote route.  There is a long stretch through the Ocala National Forest with NO CELL PHONE SERVICE.

2. A correction has been made to the 200K cue sheet, which had you turning the wrong direction on Crescent. The correct cue sheet is here and on the Events page for the 200K. (The correction was made at 0900 on 1/13, so anyone who downloaded it after that has the correct one.)


200K/300K Weekend — Update #1


1.  We prerode the 200K on Monday and it checked out well. The cue sheet is here and on the Events page. For my veterans, it’s the last 200K of several 600Ks you’ve done in the past (last seen in 2013). It rides really nice as a 200K, and I think you’ll like it. There are a few alterations due to construction and control locations, but it is otherwise the same. Veterans and newer riders alike will want to take it easy on this route. If you crush it on the way to Polk City, the hills between Mascotte and the finish chew you up.

2.  The 300K is being preridden today. I will post the cue sheet once it checks out and changes are made. This route is the Tavares-Flagler Beach route that was run in January 2015 (and on the last day of the October 2014 1000K). It needs to be changed to accommodate the closure of High Bridge (guess it wasn’t high enough….) and so we are working on an alternate route there.  Expect the cue sheet Wednesday night.

3.  Please check the registered riders list on the Events page for either/both rides, which is current as of 9pm on Jan. 12.  Don’t see your name there? Let me know.  Likewise, if you’re not coming please let me know that, too, so that I can plan accordingly.  There’s still a day to sign up, so jump on it now if you’ve been holding off!


Happy New Year: Reminders for the 2016 Brevet Season

Some year-end reminders, as we approach the 2016 brevet season:

1. If you earned any RUSA distance awards in 2015, order those now, if you’ve not already done so, to avoid missing out on your hard-earned hardware. Click here to get that taken care of.

2. Check your RUSA membership status to ensure that you are a RUSA member before the start of your first brevet or permanent so that you receive “credit” for it, if that’s important to you. Remember that permanents cannot be ridden by non-RUSA members, and non-members include those whose memberships have lapsed. Get that taken care of here.

3. With our first brevet less than three weeks away, now is a good time for veterans and rookies alike to review and refresh themselves not only on RUSA’s Rules, but also the Rules for Central Florida Randonneurs.

4. Especially for you new(er) folks, here is a short introduction to what you can expect on your first brevet. Time spent now studying and becoming comfortable with the rules and procedures of randonneuring will prevent day-of-ride stress and headaches (and will also give you ample time to holler at me if you have any questions).

5. Make sure your reflective gear and lights are compliant with the Rules.  The RUSA rule on reflective gear is here (scroll down to Article 10). The RUSA rule is the rule for Central Florida Randonneurs’ rides. Sam Brown or bandolier-style reflective belts are still permitted by RUSA, and therefore I will continue to accept them. You are, of course, free and encouraged to add additional reflective gear to your clothing and bicycle. Although it is not the rule, RUSA has a “best practices” guide for reflective gear located here, which I commend to your attention. You are all adults and experienced cyclists and are ultimately responsible for the safety of your own ride — not RUSA; not me — and so I leave it to your judgment and experience, and based on your own comfort level and the particulars of each night ride, whether you want to use any additional reflective gear beyond the minimum requirements. However, riding without the RUSA-required minimum reflective gear at night on in low-light conditions will result in your disqualification.

6. “Ride-alongs” merit a special mention this year. Do not have your friends, club-mates, or sworn enemies who are not registered for a brevet “ride along” with you at any point during a brevet. This includes starting the brevet and “just riding along” with you for the first few miles or having your friends or teammates meet up with you at any point on the route outside a control. Riding with unregistered riders on a brevet violates the rule against receiving non-neutral support and may result in your disqualification without any further warning. Of course, your friends are welcome to register for the event. They’re also welcome to volunteer and support all of the brevet participants. If you have questions about this, please contact me to discuss it.

7. Finally, this is the year after a PBP year. It’s a good year to introduce your friends to randonneuring and pursue a new randonneuring goal, whether it’s a domestic 1200k, a lesser-known international 1200k, a new RUSA distance award, or just reconnecting with the joy and adventure of long-distance cycling.

Happy New Year, bon route, and see you on the road in 2016!

Pinellas Beaches Update

1.  Cue Sheet is up on the events page and here.

2.  There is a detour on the Pinellas Trail between 9th and 5th Avenue.  Head either one block to the east or west and continue South, then cut back over.

3.  There is a half marathon on Madeira Beach. You may see the last few runners on the P’Trail, just south of Taylor Park.

4.  The first control is marked on the cue sheet (and on your brevet card) as an info control.  It’ll be staffed (but it’s untimed — too close to the start to have a timed control…).  The remainder of the controls are unstaffed — have the clerk sign/initial the card and pick up a store stamp or receipt.

5.  Take it easy on the Trail; no pacelining.  Tomorrow will be gorgeous and everyone and his brother will be out there on it.  Be safe.

6.  Of course, there will be beverages and snacks at Casa Rozelle upon your return….

7.  Coming and don’t see your name on the registered riders?  Let me know. I’m not printing brevet cards until tonight, so if you convince your neighbor/friend/mortal enemy to come along, let me know and I’ll get a card ready for them…


December 100K; January ride registrations are active

Check it out on the Events tab above. Some rides coming.

The 100K in a few weeks starts and ends at my house. Same route as last year.

The 200/300 is on MLK Jr. weekend and is an idea trip for you Yankees seeking out warm weather. I’m still futzing with routes, but plan on (relatively) easy. This is not a PBP year, and we can take it a bit easier than what was done to you last season.

Hope you can make it.



2016 Ride Calendar Announced

Hope you’ve been having a good summer and are ready for some cooler weather and the upcoming brevet season!

Today, RUSA approved our ride calendar for next year, so save the dates, get the time off work, and tell the world:

Jan 16 —  ACP 200 km
Jan 17 —  ACP 300 km
Feb 20 —  ACP 300 km
Mar  5 —  ACP 400 km
Mar 24 — fleche (Easter weekend)
Apr 16 — ACP 600 km
Oct 13 — ACP 1000 km
Oct 13 — RM 1200K (Cracker Swamp 1200KM)
Oct 16 — RUSA 200 km

More details and registration information to follow soon!