2015 Brevet Schedule

The brevet schedule for 2015:

200K    January 17
300K    January 18
300K    February 21
400K    March 7
600K    April 25
flèche   April 3 (Easter weekend)
1200K  Sunshine 1200 — May 14-17
4th Annual San An 100K — June 6

The 200/300 in January is on MLK Jr weekend and presents a good opportunity, especially for our out-of-state randonneurs seeking some Florida sunshine, to knock off 2 of the 4 ACP brevets necessary to qualify for PBP early in the year. We’ll also have the first of a 2-part presentation on qualifying, preparing for, and riding PBP on Friday night at the start/finish hotel (the second part occurring on the Friday evening prior to the 600K). Whether PBP is in your future, or just intriguing, you’ll want to check this out. Tips, strategies, advice, and answers to your questions. Plus….  Food.

The Sunshine 1200K is the first 1200 held in Florida since 2006 (which had only 7 finishers). It’s a unique point-to-point route from Key West to Fort Myers Beach and should provide an excellent experience, either as a PBP tune-up or alternative. You can get on the interested rider list here.

We’ll also host a flèche in 2015, which will end at my home on Tampa Bay. Celebratory Easter Brunch at 0700. The kids show up for a humongous egg hunt, complete with a Le Mans start, at ~1030.

Finally, we’ll have the return of the San An 100 in June, which will start and end at the new Local Public House. Can’t wait for that.

Questions? Holler at me.


Results of the Pinellas Beaches 100K Populaire

We hade 19 start and all 19 of you finished. Congrats, especially to those whose first brevet this was. I’m glad y’all came out, and I’m glad that the threatened rain never materialized, although that brisk wind played with y’all a bit. My kids loved seeing everyone; it won’t be long before they’re out there riding with you guys. See everyone in January for the 200/300! -Paul

cert. no. RUSA # Name Time
RUSA-P09499 9463 BARTH, Roger 04:43
RUSA-P09500 8312 BENNETT, Ed 04:43
RUSA-P09501 8345 BRANDON, Bill 04:55
RUSA-P09502 6643 EADDY, Vance 04:43
RUSA-P09503 39 EVERARD, Bruce 05:45
RUSA-P09504 FULLER, Bruce 04:55
RUSA-P09505 8963 KUSTERS, Marion 04:43
RUSA-P09506 LEGGETT, Valerie 04:55
RUSA-P09507 6700 MCCARTHY, Steve 04:43
RUSA-P09508 9870 NAGY, Coleen 04:43
RUSA-P09509 NAGY, Mike 04:43
RUSA-P09510 9904 NELSON, Paul 04:55
RUSA-P09511 8570 OULTON, Chris 06:04
RUSA-P09512 5912 POLK, Kent 04:41
RUSA-P09513 POLK, Judy 04:41
RUSA-P09514 8367 POOLER, Bob 04:43
RUSA-P09515 2955 ROZELLE, Paul 05:09
RUSA-P09516 4226 THOMPSON, David 04:43
RUSA-P09517 YEN, Pamela 06:04

Pinellas Beaches 100K Update #1

19 Nov 2015, 8:36pm


–I’ve got 18 19 registered riders for Saturday morning.

–The weather looks like it’s gonna be awesome!

–Check the riders list on the Events page. Think you’re riding but don’t see your name there? Let me know ASAP! Planned on riding and registered, but you’re not going to make it after all? Bummer, but please let me know! Registered but still need to fork over cash? At this point, bring it with you Saturday morning.

–Registration is 0700 to about 0755. I’ll speechify you guys with some pre-ride instructions and then send everyone off together at 0800 sharp. The start/opening control will be open for an hour until 0900, but none of the following control times are adjusted. Plan A: Don’t arrive late!

–Bring something to write with for the Information Control.

–Questions about the route, etc?  Holler at me!

Pinellas Beaches 100K; brevet cards in mail; 2015 registrations

Rando folks:

Lots new happening here. Here are the quick hits:

— I pre-rode the 100K this afternoon. I love this little urban, scenic route, and I hope you will, too. The cue sheet is on the registration page, as well as here. Questions about it? Holler at me. The only change from the permanent route (for those who know it) is that the repairs on the Pinellas Trail are now underway (where it was falling into a ravine), so we stay on Ft. Harrison until we reconnect with the Trail at Ponce de Leon. If you haven’t yet signed up, you’ve got through Wednesday. Get on it!

— Your brevet cards from the 2014 season are going out in the mail in batches. Look for them over the next week or so! (Does it look like a 4-year-old wrote the return address on your envelope? I have the youngest corps of volunteers in all of randonneuring at my disposal!).

— The registration info and links for the 2015 brevets will begin rolling out this week, too (other than for the 600K, since that location is still TBD), so look for that, too. We’re a mere 2 months from the start of the PBP qualification process!

— See you Saturday!

1000K Update #3

1. Weather.  Looking good. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

2. Save time tomorrow. Check in/bike inspection in the lobby, 6pm to 7pm today. Also 0400 to 0445 Saturday morning.

3. UF Football. You’re riding into the epicenter of Gator Nation on Saturday; the game is at 7:30pm. Most of you will be through Gainesville well before then, but home games are an all-day affair in The Swamp. Exercise more than the usual caution — there will be pedestrians, vehicles and even bikes all over the place.  Chomp. Chomp.

4. Social Media. I’m on Twitter — OctopusCycling — and will update the progress of the ride there. Not on FB or any of the photo sites.

5. We have 35 Riders for the 1000K from 15(!) states. Floridians are outnumbered on this ride.

6. See you in Lake County this evening; tomorrow!

1000K Update #2

1.  The hotel block or rooms has sold out and the host hotel has (had, as of this AM) only 2 smoking (!?!?) rooms remaining. If that’s slim pickings, I can recommend (1) sharing a room — contact me and I will try to facilitate — or (2) the Best Western, which is half a mile away and is on the route, so using it involves no bonus miles at all.  If you haven’t yet made a reservation at the hotel and intend to, do that TODAY as I will release the remainder of the block of rooms tomorrow. Looking for a roommate?  Let me know.

2.  If you’re not a RUSA member and intend on becoming one to obtain “credit” for the ride — including prequalification for PBP — remember to join RUSA prior to the ride start. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

3.  Registration and Bike inspection.  I’ll be at the hotel from 6pm-7pm on Friday, in the lobby, to get the 1000K and 400K riders squared away with bike/reflective gear/light inspection and issuance of brevet cards. Save time on Saturday and check in Friday evening! Riders for the 2 independent 300Ks, … you folks can check in in the morning, before your ride(s).

4.  Not registered? You have until Wednesday evening. If you’re coming but have not sent in payment, bring it with you; no problem there. Not coming? Please let me know.

1000K Update #1

1. The cue sheet is finalized and is posted on the Events page. It’s also here. (And the 300K Eustis-San An riders can find their cue sheet here.) Please let me know if you have questions, comments, etc.

2. I know many RBAs provide Garmin/RWGPS/etc. In the spirit of self-sufficiency that defines randonneuring, I do not. Of course you are welcome to make your own, share it, etc., but remember that the cue sheet is the official route.

3. Four riders set out on the preride to check the route, unsupported. Three of us completed it in 67:06. (One DNF at 700km; saddle sores.)

4. Here are some big-picture take-aways from that preride….

–The roads are generally good, but a few are notably rough (Green Pond, CR 445 (inbound), SR 2082). I indicated the worst offenders on the cue sheet, but, obviously, exercise great caution especially if pacelining on any road with less than perfect pavement. (I rode a carbon Giant TCR Comp 1 with 23mm tires (Conti 4000s); that was appropriate for this ride, despite a few miles of rough roads.)

–Expect traffic in Gainesville — it’s a game day (LSU; time is TBD). There’s an excellent Jamaican restaurant next to the bike shop in Gainesville, but they run on Island Time; if you’re in a hurry, there are abundant other, quicker options in the area for lunch. Special thanks to Jim Wilson, the Gainesville RBA who greeted us at the control, and to the awesome guys at Swift Cycle who are pumped that we’re using their shop as the turn-around control.

–There was also some traffic for us on a few of the roads west of Lakeland (Day 2), but it was all manageable. Still, be careful, especially where there is no or minimal shoulder.

–There are some seriously remote areas on this ride on Days 1 and 3, going through the National Forest. You will not have cell service for extended periods of time.

–Day 3 travels along the beach on A1A for 12 miles. There is less than no road shoulder — the dunes encroach on the road! We had no problems with traffic even on a nice Sunday afternoon (you guys will be there on Monday), but obviously exercise caution here.

–Weather is always a factor. We were wet the whole ride, but it was fortunately warm. Definitely bring your sun screen.

–All of the controls will be open when you are there. I have indicated a few other stores on the cue sheet that you may find useful.

–There’s an info control on Day 3, so bring a pen. There’s also a postcard control; I’ll give that to you at registration, but you’ll need that pen again….

–only one loose dog in 633 miles (Altoona Rd; Day 3)? A total miracle. Watch for dogs. Also watch for deer, opossum, armadillos, and raccoons. Hitting any of that stuff is bad news.

–for my non-locals, be wary of the side of the roads when changing flats, resting, peeing, or whatever. Our ants bite. Badly. When I was 10, those bastards sent me to the hospital. There are goatheads that will flat Gatorskins. Snakes? Did I mention snakes?

5. Several folks have asked about bike shops in the area. Sun Center Cycles is about a mile from the hotel and seems pretty solid.

6. Haven’t registered yet? Jump on that!

7. Dithering on the hotel reservations? Jump on that, too!


Updates: 1000K, 2015 Brevet Season, and 100K Populaire

1. Check out the updates on the 1000K on the Events page. (And also on the pages for the 300Ks and the 400K.)

2.  We have the start/finish hotel situation squared away. Sorry about that SNAFU. Also, check the registered riders list and let me know if your name is missing (and shouldn’t be). I’ve had a few folks have issues with the on-line registration form. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Still plenty of time to register; get on it!

3.  Dates for the 2015 brevets will be released once they are official and approved by RUSA/the ACP. Thanks for your patience.

4.  While you’re gearing up for next year’s brevets, we’ll have one final offering for 2014: another 100K populaire. Check back here for date and details soon.

Results of the 3rd Annual San An 100K

Congratulations to all of our finishers, who are listed below, alphabetically. Y’all became the only recipients of the *new!* 100K populaire pin in the State of Florida. And Luke’s gets to travel back to England with him. The park was a nice venue, but I am looking forward to the opening of the Public House in a month so we can take the party there on next year’s ride.

Next up is the 1000K (or its constituent parts, three separate rides of 400/300/300 that are being offered concurrent with the 1000). Enjoy your summer, and hope to see you all there!

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
8100 BARTOLIN Matthew 04:46
8345 BRANDON Bill 04:16
BRODSKY Linda 06:07
9345 CALDERIN Jose 04:40
7306 DAVIDSON Judie 05:40
DINELL Kim 06:07
DUCHARME Linda 06:22
7253 DUKE Lynn 04:14
FULLER Bruce 04:42
HURLEY Brian 04:46
JOYSMITH Luke 04:12
KOKEN Melinda 06:22
LEGGETT Valerie 04:42
QUINN Dave 05:40
QUINN Maureen 05:40
2955 ROZELLE Paul 04:45
9310 SCHRECK Daniel 04:39

San An Update #2

Last night’s preride was awesome. Lots of deer, armadillo, rabbits, and a red hawk. Low humidity, lots of stars, and a setting crescent moon backlighting the Spanish moss hanging from live oak trees. We’ll have to do this route as a night ride sometime.

1.  The final cue sheet is here. Those who have done this route in the past will find it fundamentally unchanged, other than the start/finish location.

2. New pavement on Curley Rd and Snow Memorial Hwy. Woo hoo!

3. Watch for sand on Jessamine Rd. Lots of it.

4. The controls will be unstaffed. Remember that proper verification at a control is the time, clerk’s initials, and a receipt or store stamp on your brevet card. If you collect receipts, turn them in with your card at the finish.

5. See you Saturday!