December 100K; January ride registrations are active

Check it out on the Events tab above. Some rides coming.

The 100K in a few weeks starts and ends at my house. Same route as last year.

The 200/300 is on MLK Jr. weekend and is an idea trip for you Yankees seeking out warm weather. I’m still futzing with routes, but plan on (relatively) easy. This is not a PBP year, and we can take it a bit easier than what was done to you last season.

Hope you can make it.



2016 Ride Calendar Announced

Hope you’ve been having a good summer and are ready for some cooler weather and the upcoming brevet season!

Today, RUSA approved our ride calendar for next year, so save the dates, get the time off work, and tell the world:

Jan 16 —  ACP 200 km
Jan 17 —  ACP 300 km
Feb 20 —  ACP 300 km
Mar  5 —  ACP 400 km
Mar 24 — fleche (Easter weekend)
Apr 16 — ACP 600 km
Oct 13 — ACP 1000 km
Oct 13 — RM 1200K (Cracker Swamp 1200KM)
Oct 16 — RUSA 200 km

More details and registration information to follow soon!


Up! All Night, Update #2

Folks, we’re gonna get wet. Really wet. Plan on hard, heavy rain for the duration of the ride. Anything less than that will be a treat.

The ride is still a “go” for 8pm SHARP with a 7pm dinner at LOCAL.  However, use your own good sense and judgment in whether this is for you. Riding all night, in the dark, and in heavy rain through some areas that will have a lot of water and debris on the road is NOT for everyone. Use your good judgment.

PLEASE let me know if you’re not coming.  Txt or call to 614/565-3483, so we know not to worry about your whereabouts.

Quack, quack.


200K Night Ride, Update #1

1. Cue sheet is here.

2. Pre-ride dinner (on your own; $5 doesn’t get you hungry people a dinner!) and meeting at 7pm at LOCAL. Even if not dining, arrive early; we’ll have more than the usual pre-ride instructions and there’s some paperwork to tend to. In particular, we’ve got some talkin’ to do about how the controls will be handled.

3.  Remember, this is night; it’s dark.  Ample lighting, to last 10+ hours, is required. Along with your reflective stuff.

4.  It’s not only dark, but the stores are CLOSED. We may catch the Hess on Cortez right before they close, but don’t plan on it. Think about how you’ll hydrate and feed yourself for a night. Drop stuff at the start/finish so you can fetch it at mile 62. I’ll have water and some sodas for all, but if you want more than that, plan for it and bring it!

5.  Think you’re doing this but don’t see your name on the list? Contact me!

6. This is gonna be awesome!


San An 100K Update #1


1.  The final cue sheet is here.

2.  We will start from the city park.  This is NOT the baseball field.

3.  We will finish at the LOCAL Public House and Provisions. This place is awesome and they’re excited to see us. See me there, check in, get your awesome finisher’s pin, and then grab some grub and beverages and hang out a bit.

4.  The preride was Tuesday night, in the heavy rain, in the dark, on a fixed-gear bike. Good PBP training. The route checked out well. Nothing to report other than gorgeous roads and lots of wildlife (hawks, armadillo, raccoons).

5.  For veterans of this ride, there is one major change: the control at the Citgo on Trilby Road has been changed to an Info control at the intersection of the Trail and Trilby Road.

6.  Check the list of signed up riders on the Events page. Don’t see your name? Let me know! Not coming? Please let me know that, too.

7.  Lots of new names there, which is great. Riders new to randonneuring, please make sure you review this. The biggie there is, of course, that this ride is totally unsupported.  There is no SAG.  You need to have a plan for getting yourself and your bike back to the start/finish if you cannot complete the route for any reason. I will never leave anyone out there, but you may be waiting for a long time before I can come pick you up.  Let me know if you have any questions.

8.  See you at check-in Saturday!

Feeding Hungry Randonneurs: Paul’s Turkey Stew Recipe

This stew is a perennial favorite among hardy, hungry randonneurs. It’s also good off-the-bike, too. This version serves a mere six people (six normal people; not six people in the midst of an ultra-distance bike ride).


1T canola or vegetable oil (or bacon fat!)
1 large carrot, peeled and chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
1c chopped white onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
3c turkey stock
1 can diced green chilies, drained
2c milk
1/4c almond flour (for GF; regular, all-purpose flour works, too)
1t salt
1t chili powder
1/2t ground cumin
2c cooked, shredded turkey
1 can corn
3T chopped fresh cilantro
1c grated Jack cheese


  1. Sauté vegetables and garlic in oil. Dump into large stock or stewpot. Add broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes. Add chilies.
  2. Combine milk, flour, salt, chili powder and cumin in a large bowl. Mix well, then add mixture into soup and return to a boil while stirring to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom of your pot. Reduce heat to low.
  3. Add turkey, corn, cilantro and cheese. Stir until cheese is melted and soup is hot.


  1. It’s stew and you’re not in a chemistry lab, so precise measurement of ingredients isn’t required. Any other hardy vegetables can be added, too, along with rice.
  2. Chicken stock or broth and chicken can be substituted for turkey products. When I make this for you guys, you get real turkey (oven baked, by me) but I don’t squander gallons of precious turkey stock on a bunch of stinky, tired bike riders. Every version you’ve eaten is made with store-bought chicken broth. You do, however, get cilantro picked from my herb garden.
  3. Cooking for randonneurs? Double the salt.
  4. This recipe is easy to scale up. I multiply the ingredients by roughly 10 when cooking for you guys on a 400K or 600K. By “roughly,” I mean it’s 3 whole large onions, two pounds of carrots, a bunch of celery, 12 pounds of turkey, a bulb of garlic, etc. That’ll feed between 30 and 40 randonneurs.
  5. Including the time to cook and de-bone the turkey, it takes about 4 hours to make this recipe in the scaled-up version.
  6. It’s better with fresh-ground Tellicherry pepper. Add pepper to taste, when served.

600K, Update #2

1.  The preride was this weekend. The route checked out well, but as advertised, it’s pretty tough. It’s quite hilly (more than 9000′ of climbing, measured by GPS) and it’s long. It’s also extremely exposed, so if the sun shines, the humidity is high, and the wind blows (we had all three this past weekend), then it’s really quite a challenge. But we survived, and so will you. Stay hydrated, ride well within your limits, keep moving, and you’ll be fine.

2.  The final cue sheet is on the events page and it’s also here. Let me know if you have questions, etc.

3.  The hours of several stores are noted on Day 2, for those considering riding through. The Lake Lindsey Deli will be closed, so you’ll treat that as an info control if you’re there before 0900 Sunday and you’ll want to ensure that you obtain supplies on the route when you have the opportunity to do so. Plan accordingly.

4.  There is a gravel road on Day 2. It was rideable on a fixed-gear bike running 23mm tires and 48×16 gearing without dismounting, so y’all should be fine, but plan accordingly.

5.  For those unfamiliar with it, the route passes through the Ocala National Forest (miles 95-111, and again from miles 142-159) on Day 1. This is very remote. There are no services and no cell coverage. Plan accordingly.

6.  Coming but don’t see your name on the list? Please let me know. Similarly, if you registered but can’t make it, please let me know that, too, so that I can plan accordingly.


600K Update #1

All y’all:

1.  The start/finish hotel is the Motel 6 on US 98 in Lakeland. I am holding a block of 12 rooms (the most they’d give us, so sharing is strongly encouraged). If you want one of those rooms, call 800/544-4866 by April 17, 2015, to book your individual room(s).  Mention Central Florida Randonneurs (Group Code M067700053). Rates are $69.99, $75.99, $78.99, or $81.99 per room per night plus tax, depending on whether you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 people to the room.

2.  For those looking for an accommodations upgrade, there are a ton of other hotels in the area that you may find more comfortable (you will still, obviously, need to get your card stamped at Motel 6 the control at the start, finish, and 400K point), although you will find them all to be significantly more expensive.

3.  The route is Lakeland-Seville-Lakeland-Lake Lindsey-Lakeland.  You’ll return to the start/finish at approximately the 400K point. We’ll have dinner for you at the 400K mark, and some breakfast stuff, too, on Sunday morning. The route is quite hilly, but it’s not sadistic. It’ll be good PBP prep for you.

4. I’ll post the cue sheet when the preride is complete (which is where the cue sheet gets checked and amended as necessary…). Expect the cue sheet by no later than Wednesday, April 22.