200K Tavares-Polk City (6 May 2017)

Congratulations to the 9 riders who did our “budget” style 200K on May 6, 2017, led and organized by Ed BENNETT. The weather was sunny and dry, but quite windy as riders has significant westerly winds through the entire ride. Congrats to Rebecca LABORDE, who did her first 200K, ever. Nice job! This was a prelude to the 200K UAF audax on Sunday, which was also completed by BENNETT, GRAMLING, KEHLER, KUSTERS, and STEPHENS.

RUSA # Name Time
RUSA-B12454 8312 Bennett, Ed 08:17
RUSA-B12455 10859 Cruz, William 08:17
RUSA-B12456 8397 Gramling, Don 09:02
RUSA-B12457 7495 Kehler, Mike 08:17
RUSA-B12458 8963 Kusters, Marion 08:17
RUSA-B12459 10720 Laborde, Rebeca 09:02
RUSA-B12460 5480 Levitsky, Boris 08:17
RUSA-B12461 9861 Schenkel, Mark 08:17
RUSA-B12462 9461 Stephens, Jeff 09:02