Tour de Central Florida 1000K

This was a three-day clover-leaf style event, starting on October 11, 2014, and run out of Tavares, with each day turning around in Gainesville, San Antonio, and Ormond Beach, respectively. The weather was near-perfect, with sun, light winds (other than the last day, on the coast), and nary a drop of rain. Including the 4 who did the workers’ ride, there were 34 starters and 27 finished.

There were too many highlights of this excellent experience to recount them all. I’m always struck by the grit and good-cheer that randonneurs show, especially on the longest of our rides. This one was no exception. Special commendations are due to Luanne Brinn, whose first brevet this was, ever, and to Dennis Holmquist and Shravan Neill, who likewise are new to the sport but who are, as you can see from their finish times below, no strangers to impressive accomplishments on a bike.

We had riders from 15 different states on this ride and I’m still touched that those of you who traveled so far made the trip, and I hope you’ll return and join us again. I seriously did not pay the bobcats, bears, and gators (plus the usual compliment of deer, eagles, opossum, armadillos, and boar) to appear on your ride and make this truly a legit, rural “Old Florida” experience.

My most special thanks and gratitude, though, is reserved for Cara Wells, without whom this ride simply would not have happened. Cara …, what can I say, other than a sincere “thank you” for your service and sacrifice to our riders.

RUSA # Last Name First Name Time
7199 ANDERSON Jacob 66:29
9651 AZMOUDEH Kamran 62:25
8312 BENNETT Edward 64:10
9972 BRINN Luanne 66:23
185 GRABIAK Larry 66:23
114 GRAHAM Larry 60:39
8397 GRAMLING Don 64:10
9770 HAYSSEN Bob 63:47
HOLMQUIST Dennis 60:00
9105 MANNING Scott 64:10
9451 MARTIN Neil 62:25
6700 MCCARTHY Steven 64:10
9234 MEYER Rob 67:06
8990 NAWROCKI Kenneth 73:01
SHRAVAN Neill 60:00
3726 PESKETT Roger 62:25
5912 POLK Kent 60:00
6985 RODEGHIER Richard 63:47
9045 ROLLMAN Gary 62:25
2955 ROZELLE Paul 67:06
6656 SCHLITTER Jacquie 62:25
3340 SCHLITTER John 62:25
3388 TIMMONS Troy 62:25
7076 TRAHAN Jeffery 73:01
7868 VINCENT Paul 63:47
8441 WELLS Ched 71:04
5638 YURKIW Jay 67:06