20th Anniversary Ride Update #2

1. Good news and bad news. The bad news is that there was a major adjustment to the route and cue sheet due to the Fort Desoto Triathlon being held at the exact time we’d be down there. Although the park and the roads would be open to cycle traffic (they are closed to motor vehicles until 9am), we’re not going to interfere with anyone’s race. So Fort Desoto is out, which sucks because it’s gorgeous and great cycling. The good news is, of course, that we realized this now rather than on Saturday morning.

2. The new cue sheet is here and on the Events page. The changes are these:

  • We need to make up 15 kilometers that are cut from the route, so we’re going to do that by taking a lap around Brightwaters right at the start and then visit Coquina Key at the finish. This makes up the necessary distance on roads that are frequently traveled by cyclists here. It’s not Fort Desoto, but it’ll do. The distance is the same as are the number of controls.
  • The new route adds a control at the Brightwaters roundabout, adds a control at the T-intersection in Fort Desoto, and deletes the two controls in the Fort Desoto roundabouts. It also moves the last control from Alcazar & County Club to Coquina Key (Lewis & Beach).
  • Please study the new cue sheet carefully. If you want a visual representation of the two changes, the first one adds this to the original route and the second, at the end, adds this. Eliminated from the original route is the lap around Fort Desoto.
  • Please contact me with questions. We’ll also go over all this in the preride announcements.

3. Still plenty of time to register; please spread the word to those who might be interested in joining us!