20th Anniversary Ride 200K Update


We checked the new route for Saturday’s 200K this past weekend. The final cue sheet is here and is also posted on the Events page. The one change to the cue sheet is that we’ll make a u-turn at the end of Gulf Way in Pass-a-Grille due to construction. The route is otherwise unchanged. A few notes about the ride:

1. Expect the conditions to be very challenging. We got poured on for much of our ride which was probably a blessing. This will be difficult if it’s hot and sunny. Be prepared for both and manage your time, your pace, and your hydration wisely.

2. The route rides well, but it is more urban than our usual rides. Be prepared for a slower ride (and thus more time in the elements) due to starts and stops.

3. The roundabout on Dodecanese in Tarpon was flooded (as in, under a foot or more of salt water). If that’s the case on Saturday, control at any business on that street and call it good; you don’t have to hike-a-bike through the ocean.

4. Please park in the street at The Bikery so we don’t take all of their spaces. There is ample on-street parking.

5.  The Bikery will close at 7pm, but you have until 8pm to finish officially. If you finish between 7pm and 8pm, the finish will have moved 2 blocks to the East, to Pinellas Ale Works. Please find us there.

6.  Bring a pen for the info controls.

7.  Check to make sure you’re on the list of registered riders if you’re coming; similarly, let me know if your name is there and you can’t make it. The more, the merrier. If you have friends who want to check the sport out, they’re more than welcome. All finishers get a special RUSA medal commemorating the founding’s 20th Anniversary.