300K Audax Update #1


1. The 300K audax ride on Saturday is ON.  However, Hurricane Michael necessitates a route change. The original plan was to go West to the Gulf Coast at Pine Island in Hernando County. It’s unlikely that that route is now usable due to storm surge and flooding. I am in the midst of revising our existing 300K brevet route to the East Coast (Flagler and Ormond Beaches) make it better for audax. I think this will be a very, very good route — it’s materially different than the existing route, for those of you who have done that one before. That route was good; this one is better! I will post the cue sheet and GPS file for that route when they are complete.

2.  There was an error on the events page. This is a 17-hour ride and we will finish at 9pm (not 11pm, thankfully!).

3.  Because the ride starts at 4am and runs 90 minutes after dark, you’ll need lights and a reflective vest or sash on this ride. Please, no flashing lights.

4. There’s still time to sign up if you’ve not done so. We currently have 12 riders — Eaddy, Halay, Ivy, Kusters(C), Lessman, Manning(C), McCarthy, Osborn, Paulson, Rozelle(C), Schreck(C), Stephens. Please spread the word; the more, the merrier. Also, if you’re on this list and NOT riding, please let me know asap. I need an accurate head-count for lunch.