400K Update


The final cue sheet has been posted to the Events page and is also here. The two major changes are that it reflects the start at the IOTG and the deletion of the lunch at the turn-around. That’s now an info control.

Other notes from the workers’ ride: loose gravel and stone on SR 21, both directions — be very careful; it blends in with the road surface!  The Pack n Sack closes at 10pm now, not 11pm. So on the return trip, plan accordingly and stop in Salt Springs to be safe. It’s a long way in, otherwise!  180th/183rd remains rough.
If you arrive tonight, come by the suite before 7pm and I’ll check you in. Otherwise, see you in the AM before the start, which is 5am SHARP. Check in at the suite anytime after 4:30am and before 4:55am.
There are only 10 of us riding; please check the registered riders list. If you’re not coming, please let me know. If you think you’re coming but don’t see your name on that list, then please let me know that, too.