Brevet Week Update #2 — Bonus Rocket Launch


1. I hope you are enjoying your rest day — beach, pool, or just lounging around doing nothing. You earned it.

2. Especially for our out-of-staters, you’d be seriously remiss to miss the Falcon Heavy launch scheduled for this evening, sometime between 1830 and 2030. Don’t watch this on the internet; step outside and look due East; Cape Kennedy is less than 60 miles away and, unless the horizon is heavily clouded, the launch should be plainly visible to the naked eye. And if the rocket goes toward the end of the launch window, you’ll be lucky enough to see a night launch, which is truly spectacular, even from that distance. Enjoy!

3. Some notes on the 400K: Great route; no changes. CR 2082 is in rough shape; use the bike path that you came in on, about 100 yards after turning onto the road. Watch the loose sand and stone if you do this. It’s a deceptively hilly route; I recorded 6,100 feet of climbing on it. Not a single climb of significance — never left the big ring — but it adds up. Wildlife sightings: bear (mom & cub), deer, coyote, snakes, raccoons, fireflies (rare in Florida; sighted just after last light in Emeralda Marsh)…. everything was out yesterday.

4. Study the 600K cue sheet with a map! My locals know this route, but it can be perplexing to newcomers. It is easy to have your GPS lead you astray. Verifying your progress along the route using the cue sheet is critical! Please make sure you know where you’re going. And remember that if you depart the route, you must return to the point of departure and then continue on the correct route.

5. Check-in for the 400K is Wednesday from 6pm-7pm at Room 134, and 4:30-5am in the lobby on Thursday. Check-in for the 600K is Friday evening from 6pm-7pm at Room 134, and 3:30-4am Saturday.