Brevet Week Update & 600K


1. Want friends or family or vollies to track your progress on brevet week? Setup a free account on Spotwalla and add your device, for which you’ll need your find-me-Spot URL and the device ESID (located inside your battery compartment). There is a Spotwalla link for each of the rides; while logged into Spotwalla, scroll down to the “active/future location pages,” find the relevant ride, and click “add me.” (The rides are labeled “Florida Brevet Week xxxk”.) Don’t navigate off these routes; remember that the cue sheet is gospel!  For those playing along at home, here are the links for each of the rides:

200k –
300k –
400k –
600k –

2. The rest of the cue sheets for the brevet week rides have been posted to the events page. Check them out there. I’ll have hard copies at the ride starts.

3. If you’re looking for a last-chance Florida 600K and want to ride the 600K this weekend, we’d love to have you. Just fill out the brevet week registration form on the Events page and I’ll know that you’re coming for the 600K only. The cost of the 600 is $40, and include meals at miles 114 (lunch) 256 (dinner) and at the finish (call it whatever you want).

Ride safe,