COVID-19 Update: Brevets & Cracker Swamp


Couple of updates:
(1)  Brevets remain postponed nationally through at least the end of June.  We’ll know mid-June about July and going forward. If possible, once we reopen, we’ll make up at least some of the postponed rides from the spring.

(2)   The Cracker Swamp remains on, but as you know, everything is day-to-day. Running the event at all is, obviously, dependent on getting the green light from RUSA to hold events. It’s also dependent on redesigning the event to accommodate what are likely to be significant changes in how we’re used to randonneuring. For example, we’ll have to rethink how to have our legendary end-of-day meals in a safe yet still fun manner. Shared hotel rooms, too, are something that we may not want to do, or that all riders may not want to do but, at the same time, doubling our hotel bill (which is more than 65% of the budget) isn’t possible, either. In short, we don’t know what this will look like but trust we’re thinking about it. If the ride can be held, it will be, but expect that’ll it’ll be … different.

(3)  Permanents! There’s insurance secured for them, so expect their return. There’s no date for this yet — there’s significant logistics work to do in redesigning the program — but I suspect round-about the time brevets reopen, we’ll have perms, too. Stand by for further.

Stay safe,