Riding Bikes Is Fun! The 30K Juniors’ Audax Brevet

We had eight intrepid young riders set out for our 30km Aiglons audax brevet on Saturday, July 13, from The Bikery. Five completed the full distance within time. Most importantly, everyone had a great time cycling together as friends and family. Congrats to Megan, Jake, Ginika, Joe, Sally, Gabe, Athicus, and Zohayra for coming out and sharing your Saturday morning together. Special thanks also to Mary S. and her daughter, Kelly, who came out to support the ride and serve as Route Captains.

Our next Aiglons ride is the capstone event of the bronze series — the 40km — on August 31, at 8:30am. Details are here, and we hope to see you on the road!