200/300 Weekend Update #1


(1) The cue sheets for the rides this upcoming weekend have been posted to the respective events pages for each ride. The 200K cue sheet is substantively unchanged from the prior edition of this route. The 300K, however, has changed significantly. You’ll be glad to know that the route is shortened and simplified. The return into Eustis has also removed a tricky bit of construction. Do not use an old cue sheet or an old GPS file; you’ll be sorry.

(2) The workers’ rides revealed a surprising number of loose dogs. There was one on South Bay on the 200K. There were many loose dogs between Harper Road and US 17 on the 300K. Some gave chase; please be attentive and careful.

(3) It will be cold on Sunday; dress warmly. If your plans have changed and you are not riding, please let me know ASAP so that I have an accurate head-count for the rides. Similarly, there’s still time to sign up, so please sign up if you are riding and you don’t see your name on the attendees list, which is current as of 10pm Jan. 15.

(4) You will be well-fed on your return to Tavares — there are post-ride dinners both days included in your entry fee — but you will be on your own during the ride. These rides are not SAGed. We will never leave anyone out there, but if your plan is for me or another volunteer to pick you up if you DNF, then you will likely wait many hours for that to happen, so please be prepared to make your own arrangements to return to the start if you cannot complete the ride.

(5) Please remember your lights and reflective gear (sash or vest plus ankle bands). I do not require any night-riding gear for the 200K, but if you finish in the dark or low-light conditions without those things you will be disqualified. The 300K starts in the dark, so reflective gear and lights are required on that ride.

See you this weekend!