2019 UAF / Audax Calendar

Our 2019 calendar of UAF audax events was approved yesterday. Here are the dates of those events, so you can mark your calendars:


200K — January 12, 2019 (St. Pete, 0700)
300K — February 2, 2019 (Tavares, 0400)
400K — March 2, 2019 (Tavares, 1000)
100K — September 14, 2019 (St. Pete, 0800)

200K — October 12, 2019 (St. Pete, 0700)

Aiglons (kids’ rides)

20K — June 15, 2019 (St. Pete, 0900)
30K — July 13, 2019 (St. Pete, 0900)

40K — August 31, 2019 (St. Pete, 0830)

The 200Ks and the 100K will be held in St. Pete (at The Bikery). The 300 and 400 start and end in Tavares. The Aiglons (youth — literally, “little eagles”) rides are out of St. Pete. We are really excited about that program. It’s an introduction to randonneuring, audax-style, for anyone 18 or younger. They get special medals and there’s a “series” medal that is earned by completing all three rides. The Aiglons rides will be free (and the medals are all on us), so please spread the word if you have kids or grandkids or know anyone whose kids you think might enjoy a common-paced ride that focuses on having fun together and learning how to ride safely in a group, please pass the word along about these new and exciting rides.

While theUAF/audax rides don’t “count” for RUSA awards or for PBP qualification, they are randonnees and are a ton of fun in their own right.  They are also really good practice and training for riding a 1200 at a consistent, sustainable pace and for keeping the stops short. The audax times sound slow, but they’re not when you get into the 600 and 1200. PBP-Audax is an 84-hour ride where you get two sit-down, white tablecloth meals each day plus at least 5-6 hours of sleep every night.  And you never go faster than 14mph. It’s truly civilized. So, whether you’re looking for a civilized experience, camaraderie, or want to avoid riding at night or riding by yourself or worrying about navigation, audax has something great to offer you as a randonneur cyclist and I hope that you will join us for these special adventures.

FYI, the RUSA/ACP calendar won’t be released until this Fall (September), but there will be more rides than there were even this year, plus the Sunshine 1200, plus a brevet week in April. Stay tuned here for details.