Jerseys and Other News


(1)  We now have Central Florida Randonneurs jerseys! Design, info, and ordering information here. Sixty bucks plus shipping. For Cracker Swamp veterans, these are the same manufacturer, material, and sizing. Tell your friends and order as many as you like. We’ll keep the order open through December 15; they’ll ship directly to you and you should have them in time for the February brevets. Big thanks and shout out to David Thompson for both the design and logistics. These would not have happened without him stepping up and volunteering to do the leg work so, next time you see him, please give him a big thanks!

(2) 2018 Brevet details will be posted in the coming week. And we’re still shooting for a final brevet in 2018, a 100K over here in Pinellas County.

(3) Don’t forget to renew your RUSA Membership for 2018 and, while you’re at it, to vote in the Board election. Less than 20% of RUSA members bother to vote, so you’ve got some real influence here.

(4) Enjoy the good weather and see you on the road,