600K Update #1; Audax ride


(1) If you’ve not seen it yet, the cue sheet was posted Wednesday night on the Events page and it’s also here.

(2)  The route is the first 600K of the Cracker Swamp, with two big changes and a minor one. First, we don’t go out to the wildlife refuge because the Haul Over Canal bridge remains closed. We stay on US 1, and remember that south-bound, that’s under construction in places, and rough in others, so be careful. Second, the ride turns around in Salt Springs (to make things an even 600K). The control will be a postcard control but there are plenty of stores there for you to obtain supplies. The minor change is that we’re using the Starbucks in Satellite Beach as a control (Cracker Swampers will recall that we used the park and staffed the control).

(3)  Say a weather prayer. It’s going to be very hot, very humid, and very sunny. This’ll make for a tough ride. It also makes for good fire weather, as those of you who live in the area know. Part of SR 46 was closed on Tuesday. I’m monitoring the weather and fires; we may need to make some last minute adjustments, but the ride will remain on.  I can’t stress enough, though, how important it is going to be to slow down and stay hydrated as you get into the afternoon. This isn’t just a message about finishing the ride, it’s about being safe out there.  Please, take it super easy. You can crank the pace up again after the sun goes down.

(4)  Dinner (ziti) at the overnight. Y’all are on your own during the day, though you will likely spy me out there at times.

(5)  Register for the Audax ride yet?  Get on that; it’s gonna be epic. Our lunchtime eats have been upgraded to the Smyrna Yacht Club.