The San An 100K Is in the Books!

A gorgeous start followed by a sunny, dry day. Those out much after noon had some wind to deal with.

Final results and a brief post-mortem are here. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out!

One of our San An 100K finishers, Kim (who actually lives on the route; how cool is that?), put together a wonderful video entitled, What Is Randonneuring? that introduces the sport through the lens of the ride. Kim has put together an informative website called Bicycle Trail Review. Give it a look and check out the professionally produced video of our exploits!

More Details on the San An 100K!

The volunteers pre-rode the San An 100K yesterday.  It’s gorgeous and we think you’ll have a great randonneuring adventure on this route.

Here’s the Garmin data from that ride.  The cue sheet is your Bible, but this will give you a nice visual and show you where you’ll find the 1,600 feet of climbing on the route.

We’ll be starting and finishing at the San Ann Market.  They’re glad to have us there and, with $8 pitchers of Stella, we’ll be glad to be there after the ride!  Please park in the dirt lot on the west side of the store, and not on the street directly in front of their business.

The route checked out well.  We’d had very heavy rains this past week so be careful in the turns, as there may be gravel or sand that has washed into the road.  Otherwise, the route looks good.

Haven’t registered yet?  Get on it!  Go over to the Events page and get yourself signed up.

See you on the 16th!