300K UAF Brevet — Tavares (1 April 2023)

Date: 1 April 2023
Start Time
: 0400
Peloton Time: A 300K audax is a planned 17-hour ride, including all stops. We will complete the ride at 9pm.
Starting Location: Comfort Inn & Suites, 1380 E Burleigh Blvd, Tavares, FL
Route: This is the Flagler Beach audax route, which was last run in October 2018. It is very similar to the ACP 300K that we have done many times. It is relatively flat. It can be windy.
Cue Sheet
: tentative; final will be posted by March 29
: tentative; final will be posted by March 29
: $50. This includes your sit-down breakfast and lunch & event insurance,  and post-ride beverages and snacks, but it does not include your snacks/beverages during the ride. Register below. Advance registration and payment is required.
Registered Riders: 2, as of 29 December 2022: Rozelle P(C), Rozelle S
RUSA membership required: Insurance folks require that you be a current RUSA member to participate. Learn more about RUSA here. And join or renew here.
Audax Rules
: Please review our club’s Rules for Riders first. In addition to those rules, there are two critical rules for audax rides. First, we must ride as a group. Passing the route captain is forbidden and may result in disqualification. Similarly, voluntarily riding behind the peloton without leave of the route captain is not permitted. Second, the group rides together at a predetermined pace of 22.5km/hr, and stops together for predetermined times. These are indicated on the cue sheet. There are other rules and traditions, which will be explained and detailed later, but those are the two big ones. Please make sure that you are interested in and will support this style of riding, and at this pace, before registering. Additional information on audax is given below the registration.
How do I make sense of the cue sheet? Study it with a map beforehand. Of course, if you follow the rider in front of you, you will be on route at all times. The most useful information on the cue sheet for riders is the designation of when, where, and for how long the stops will be taken. This permits riders to plan their activities — bathroom, filling bottles, getting snacks — and to move efficiently through the controls.
What if I get a flat or other mechanical? The peloton will not stop. A few riders will be dispatched from the peloton at the direction of the route captain to assist you and to pull you back to the group.
Is there support or SAG? Do not plan on it. Like all randonnees, you and your bike must be well equipped and in good shape. Please ensure that you have the proper tools and talent for handling all repairs and the proper food, hydration, and apparel for the ride. If you or your bike cannot be restored to functionality, you will need to arrange for your own transportation back to the start.
Are there brevet cards? Yes, and they look different than those you are used to. The organizer or his designee will carry all riders’ brevet cards and have them validated at the controls.
Interested in volunteering? If you are, or you have a spouse, partner, friend, or sworn enemy who might be, please contact me. The more help; the more awesome it is!
Important! This is a brevet and it is RUSA-sanctioned, which means you are eligible for all the RUSA awards if you complete it. However, it is not an ACP brevet. It does not qualify you for Paris-Brest-Paris.


There is no day-of-event registration. You must register and pay in advance of the ride, by no later than Thursday, March 29.

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

    Name (Last, First)

    Street Address






    RUSA# (required)

    Emergency Contact (Name)

    Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

    Step 2. Send in your payment. There are two options. One, make a $50 check (wut?) payable to Paul Rozelle, and mail it to me at 1300 Friendly Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. OR, send me $50 via PayPal. My email address is prozelle at gmail dot com.

    What is Audax? Audax is the oldest form of randonneuring. It is still practiced in parts of Europe, but is largely unknown in the United States, although the word is common (Audax Atlanta, Audax U.K., etc.). What you are familiar with is allure libre randonneuring, or free-paced randonneuring. There are time cut-offs for the controls and the event overall but, within those very liberal constraints, a rider can proceed along the route at his or her own pace.

    Audax cycling, by contrast, is a group ride. The audax cycling motto is, “Start together, ride together, finish together.” An audax ride is conducted under the auspices of a Ride Captain, who is charged with maintaining the common group pace between each control, which is 22.5km/hr (that’s 14mph). Passing the Route Captain is forbidden and the riders must stay together. Everything possible is done to ensure that riders do not fall off the back or are not dropped for mechanicals, but voluntarily riding a pace slower than 22.5kph without leave from the Route Captain is forbidden.

    Audax cycling is social and accessible. It is an especially good way to introduce people to randonneuring who might not otherwise be familiar with it or who might be concerned about riding alone (never!) or worrying about navigation (just follow the guy in front of you; impossible to get lost).The pace is very moderate, especially in our flat terrain. Audax rewards keeping everyone together and working together to achieve a common goal … together. The finest route captains are those who accomplish this goal. The best achievement is to finish 100% of the riders who start.

    Like the riding, stops are conducted together, at and for a predetermned time. There is a sit-down meal, which is an integral part of the audax tradition. There are other audax customs and traditions, which you will discover on the ride.

    You can read more about audax here, which is the website for the Union des Audax Français.