300K RUSA brevet — Tavares-Pine Island (15 October 2022)

Date: 15 October 2022
Start Time: 0600
Time Limit: 20 hours (must finish by 0200 on 10/16/2022)
Cost: $20 — No day-of! See registration below!
Current RUSA membership required to ride! This is an insurance requirement; no exceptions.
Location: Comfort Inn & Suites, 1380 E Burleigh Blvd, Tavares, FL 32778
Rider Check-in
: 0530-0555, at the start
Cue Sheet: tentative (last updated 9am 1/14/2022; does NOT reflect current ride start/finish, but the route is functionally the same)
Bike Inspection: At the start: No lights/reflective stuff + riding in low-light or dark conditions = DNF with no exceptions.
Registered Riders: 2 (as of 19 September 2022) — Rozelle P, Rozelle S

Some notes on the ride:

–This is the Tavares-Pine Island brevet that was run in January (in the pouring rain…) and is also the same route that riders on the second day of the 1000K will be traveling. You are welcome — and encouraged! — to ride with the 1000K riders although this ride has a hard start time of 6am (you cannot leave before 6am).

Parking: Please DO NOT park at the Comfort Inn if you’re not staying there. There is ample parking within a few hundred yards of the start/finish.

Do NOT plan on any on-route SAG on this ride. If you cannot complete the route for any reason, be prepared to arrange your own transportation back to the start/finish.

You must be a current RUSA member to participate. Learn more about RUSA here. And join or renew here.

–You must be registered for the ride and sign the waiver  “Ride-alongs” jeopardize not only the existence of our rides but all of American randonneuring. If you want to volunteer to support all riders, please contact me and we’re thankful for the help.

Route recon: This is a fantastic route; there’s some climbing toward the end, but it’s fairly benign. If you’re in a rush, hit Willy’s on the beach for lunch. If you have some more time, the Bayport Inn is well worth it! We’ll report more intel on what is (and is not) open along the route after the workers’ ride as this has changed over the last two years.

Lights and reflective stuff are required to ride, even of you don’t think you’ll need them. The ride starts in the dark.

Beverages? Of course. We remain cultured, civilized ladies and gentlemen here. We’ll also have some pre-ride snacky things and some post-ride snacky things.

–Obligatory Covid-19 stuff: Be safe. Be healthy. Respect the rules are of any establishment you enter and be respectful of the requests of those you are riding with and around.

What if I DNF the 1000K? Can I retroactively get credit for this 300K?  No.  Not retroactively. But — and this is, … unlikely to happen — if you drop out of the 1000K before the start of the 300K, you are permitted to attempt the 300K, same as anyone else. However, for example, a 1000K attempt that results in a DNF at the 700K mark is a DNF’d 1000K, not a completed 300K. Capiche?

You MUST pre-register for this event! No day-of registrations. Preregistration must be completed by no later than 5pm, 13 October 2022.

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

    Name (Last, First)

    Street Address






    RUSA# (required)

    Emergency Contact (Name)

    Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

    Step 2. Pay for the event. There are two options. One, make a $20 check (wut is that?) payable to Paul Rozelle, and mail it to me at 1300 Friendly Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705.  OR, send me $20 via PayPal. My email address is prozelle at gmail dot com.