1000K ACP Brevet — Pine Island 1000K (14 October 2022)

This page is a place-holder for the Pine Island 1000K ACP brevet, which will start on October 14, 2022. Registration will open in the Spring of 2022. Here are the particulars to date:

Start/Finish:  The Greater Orlando area. Most likely Tavares/Eustis/Leesburg.
Format:  This is a loop-style event — there are no bag drops; you’ll return to the start/finish location every day. Format will be 400/300/300. As you can tell from the name, one of the days will travel to Pine Island, on the Gulf Coast.
Food? SAG?  These are very much TBD; that’s a bit of a CV-19/Omicron/whatever Greek letter we’re on sometime this spring determination.
RUSA membership: required
Rider cap/field limit?  None
Prerequisites?  None; anyone and everyone is welcome to give it a try.
Other info and intel for out-of-towners: Our roads are generally good, though there is some traffic to contend with in some places. The terrain is flat compared to everywhere else. There are, though, a few hilly sections (grades in the low-teens) to contend with in the places we’ll travel through. Weather can be hot and humid (90F day; 80F night; sauna-like) or mild and dry (80F day; 60F night; very low humidity). Thunderstorms are possible. Hurricanes are possible but unlikely (and would cancel the event, should such a thing occur).
Last Updated: 17 December 2021