RUSA 1000K (20-22 Sept. 2019)

Date: 20 September 2019 (Friday)
Start Time: 0400
Time Limit: 75 hours (must finish by 0700 Monday)
Cost: $10
Inn on the Green, 700 East Burleigh Blvd., Tavares, FL
Rider Check-in
: Immediately prior to the ride, 3:30-3:45am
Cue Sheet: here (last updated 8/27/2019)
Bike Inspection: At rider check-in. Lights/reflective stuff required.
Registered Riders: 3 (as of 10 Sept 2019) — Bennett, Gold, Kusters

Some notes on the ride:

This is a completely unsupported ride! There is no SAG. There are no volunteers. There is no meal, beer, or scotch. For ten bucks, you get a cue sheet and the grace of God. If something happens, you DNF, … you will need to have the ability to get yourself sorted out and back to the finish.

— This is a three-loop ride of 400/300/300. You’ll return to the start/finish every day, so self-support should be relatively easy. The first day is to Gainesville and back, the second is to Pine Island, and the third is a mash-up of the first part of Route 555 plus the dog-leg from Mascotte to Lakeland and back (it does NOT include all the big climbing you see on Route 555). It’s not a tough route, but it’s not flat, either. It also has some sections that are long and where you’ll want to ensure that you have full water bottles with you and tend to your hydration and exertion level: it’ll be hot and humid, guaranteed.

The route has NOT been preridden. We ride these roads frequently; there’s nothing brand-new here. That said, current road conditions are unknown and who’s to say that there is not some construction or other hazards out there that could slow your ride or even cause you to have to figure out a detour (you must return to the route at the soonest, safest, opportunity). Be careful, and please report any issues or concerns with the roads or conditions to me.

— Having your friends who are not registered and who have not signed the waiver meet you anywhere on this ride other than at a designated control will result in your disqualification and may cause you — and the other riders — to be banned from future events. This includes having your friends conveniently ride a permanent that overlaps with this route. No ride alongs, period, and that includes whether you arranged the meeting or they “just happened” to find you out of the route. Don’t do it. Call me if you are unclear about this or if you have questions.

Registration must be completed by no later than September 17, 2019 at 5pm. You can pay at the ride start, but we need to know with certainty that you are (or are not, if you change your mind) coming by Tuesday evening the 17th. No day-of riders, and please do not register and then no-show.

–Where’s the GPS file? There isn’t one. I curmudgeonly continue to think that navigation is part of the self-sufficiency that is inherent in randonneuring. Please let me know if you have any questions about the cue sheet.


Please fill in the information here.

Name (Last, First)

Street Address






RUSA# (if you have one)

Emergency Contact (Name)

Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

You can send in your payment — $10 check payable to Paul Rozelle, RBA, mailed to 1300 Friendly Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705 — or bring it or cash or check to the ride start.