400K ACP Brevet — Dunnellon (2 March 2024)

Date: 2 March 2024
Start Time
: 0500
Time Limit: 27 hours (must finish by 0800, 3 Mar)
Location: Dunnellon, FL. The ride start and finish is at the Dinner Bell Motel,
12094 S. Williams St, Dunnellon, FL
Cost: $40
Cue Sheet: Will be posted no later than 2/23/2024

Bike Inspection: Required. Either at the hotel Friday evening or before the ride start, from 4:30am to 4:45am.

Hotel Logistics: The hotel is small; if you want to stay there, make your reservations soon. There are a number of other hotels in the area close to the ride start, too, including a relatively new Comfort Inn.

Route logistics: This is the same route that we used in 2023. It’s . . . just that good. It starts out flat and fast. There are some sections on multi-use paths. For those of you “riding for a time,” . . . please be especially careful: others (slower riders, walkers, in-line skaters, kids, people walking  dogs, etc.) use these trails and we must be respectful of them. Some of them, too, are tree-canopied which means that you should expect tree debris, some of which might be significant enough to crash you out if it’s large branches of wet oak leaves. Be careful! Stops are plentiful and indicated on the cue sheet.

Ride Logistics: As usual, do not count on any ride volunteers, support, or SAG on the ride itself. If you DNF, you will need to be prepared to make arrangements for your return to the start/finish. We will have dinner and beverages awaiting you at the ride finish, so be sure to work up an appetite!

Brevet cards/EPP: Brevet cards are required and the failure to use the brevet card will cause you to be DNF’d. Differently stated, there is NO EPP on this route. For those new or rusty on brevet card usage, the brevet cards will be explained during pre-ride announcements.

There’s the GPS file? There is no organizer-provided GPS file on ACP brevets in our region. I’m not just a curmudgeon, part of my responsibility as RBA is to prepare you to be successful on brevets while being self-sufficient. Navigation — knowing where you are and how to fix the problem it if you get off route — is a key part of what makes randonneuring unique. These are self-sufficient, unsupported rides. Folks, you need to know how to navigate. Using GPS is fine, but please please please make your own GPS file. If you use someone else’s, please please please triple check it before the ride against (1) the cue sheet and (2) a map and then (3) bring a cue sheet on the ride with you and follow along as you navigate the route. Countless riders over the years have DNF’d because of “GPS problems.” I have never — knocks wood — had a rider DNF due to a cue sheet problem. Related: Charge your electronic shifting.  Please.

RUSA Membership: Current membership required by the insurance gurus. Check your status or become a member here.

Registered Riders (7, as of 16 Feb 2024): Brillhart D, Rozelle P, Rozelle S, Schenkel M, Schlitter J, Schroeder H, Singer I


You MUST pre-register for this event! No day-of registrations. Preregistration must be completed by no later than 5pm, 29 February 2024.

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

    Name (Last, First)

    Street Address







    Emergency Contact (Name)

    Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

    Step 2. Send in your payment. There are two options. One, make a $40 check (wut?) payable to Paul Rozelle, and mail it to me at 1300 Friendly Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. OR, send me $40 via PayPal. My email address is prozelle at gmail dot com.