Brevet Week (8 April – 14 April)

Dates & Start Times:
200K — April 8, 0700 (finish by 2030)
300K — April 9, 0600 (finish by 4/10 at 0200)
400K — April 11, 0500 (finish by 4/12 at 0800)
600K — April 13, 0400 (finish by 4/14 at 2000)
Location: All of the rides will be based out of (and start and finish at) the
Inn on the Green, 700 East Burleigh Blvd., Tavares, FL. You can make your reservations directly with the hotel for the number of nights you like; mention “Central Florida Randonneurs” when booking to secure the discounted rate.
Rider Check-in: Sunday April 7, between 1600-1800 at the hotel or starting an hour before the ride, at the hotel.
Cost: $120 for the series or register for the rides individually. You have two options for event registration: (1) Register for the entire series, which secures you a modest $10 discount, or (2) register for the events individually. In either case, preregistration is required. The one option that does not exist is to “see how it goes” and register for the events as you complete them or to register “day of.” (Similarly, there are no refunds.) We need an accurate head-count to provide the appropriate amount of support and food. Registration for all brevet week events will close at 7pm EDT, Friday, April 6. Use this page to register for the entire series; use the individual event pages to register for those events separately (those pages will be made available no later than Monday, 11 March)
Cue Sheets & GPS: Cue sheets for the routes will be made available on this web page and on the individual event pages no later than April 1. GPS files are not provided; you are free to make and share your own, but please remember that the cue sheet is the route and you are responsible or following the route indicated on the cue sheet.
Bike Inspection: Lights and reflective vest/sash + ankle bands are required. Inspection at check-in.
Registered Riders (5): Bennett, Haley, Kusters, Marco, Rosado
Medals: There is a special medal awarded at the finish to all those who complete the entire series. Chapeau!
Support: Included in the registration fee is a hearty post-ride dinner following each day’s ride. The 600K will also include a (light) lunch stop. The Inn on the Green will provide (light) breakfast fare prior to each of the rides. Please note that ride HQ will not be available or accessible on the non-riding days (e.g., Wednesday and Friday). What should I do on my day off? Relax, see the sights, or go for a ride. If you’re really trying to rack up the miles, check out some of the permanent rides that leave from near the Brevet Week start/finish. As with all brevets, these are self-supported events. We’ll feed you well at the start/finish, but during the event, you’re on your own and you should not expect that there will be any assistance or SAG on the route. If you are not able to complete the day’s event, your plan to return to the start/finish should not involve event volunteers. We will never leave anyone out there, but you will wait many, many hours – and likely until after the event concludes – for a ride if you abandon and are expecting to return to the start/finish by securing a ride from an event volunteer.
Roads; Safety; What to Expect: You will generally find our roads to be good quality with reasonable traffic. There are, of course, exceptions and there are – as there are anywhere – the usual hazards that accompany riding a bike: road imperfections, narrow lanes, inattentive and negligent drivers and cyclists, wild animals, loose dogs, debris, road kill, slippery surfaces, railroad tracks, windy/wet/cold/hot/humid weather, missing signage…. The hazards are too many to recount here. Ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring the safety of your ride is yours and yours alone. Please ride safely at all times.
Ride-alongs: If you are not registered for one of the rides, please don’t ride. It is not permitted to “just ride along” for part of the route without being a registered participant and executing the waiver for that event. Riders who ride with nonregistered riders will be disqualified and nonregistered riders who intermingle with the brevet – that includes anyone on a permanent – will be banned. If you have questions about these policies, ask me. Of course, if you or a friend want to help support all the riders, please contact me and we’ll get you set up to volunteer; we’d love the help!


You must pre-register for brevet week. No day-of registrations. Preregistration must be completed by no later than 7pm EDT, 6 April 2019.

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

Name (Last, First)

Street Address






RUSA# (if you have one)

Emergency Contact (Name)

Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

Step 2. Send in your payment. (International riders, contact me.) Please make your $120 check payable to Paul Rozelle, RBA, and mail it to:

Paul Rozelle, RBA Central Florida Randonneurs 1300 Friendly Way S St. Petersburg, FL 33705