400K ACP Brevet — Tavares (21 July 2023)

Want to do a 400K in the summer, but it’s just too hot? Want experience with what the first night/day of Paris-Brest-Paris is like? Desirous of a once-in-a-lifetime finishers’ medal for this event? Are you a night owl? Just plain nuts? Then this brevet might be for you:

: 21 July 2023 – this is a Friday night!
Start Time: 2000 (this ride starts at night!)
Time Limit: 27 hours (must finish by 2300 hours July 22)
Cost: $10
Wooten Park, 100 E Ruby St, Tavares, FL
Rider Check-in
: immediately prior to the ride start
Cue Sheet: here
Bike Inspection: During rider check-in
RUSA Membership: Current membership required. Check your status or become a member here.
Finishers’ medal: This brevet commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first ACP 400KM brevet. Finishers will receive a sweet medal. It’s got a chicken on it.
Beverages? Of course.
Registered Riders: 7 (as of 17 July 2023) — Babilonia, Brillhart, Gryder, Muknicka, Rozwadowski, Singer, and Tosolini

Prerequisites? Successful completion of a 300K or longer brevet, or permission of the organizer, which will be liberally granted, but you MUST contact me. This ride starts in the dark, goes through the night, and then you will ride for much, if not all, of the following day. There will be very limited opportunities for food/water at night — there is a 100km stretch with no services and THERE. WILL. BE. NO. SAG. on this brevet. It will be hot. It will be humid. You will likely get rained on. I want to make sure you have the necessary lighting/reflective equipment and know what you are getting into when undertaking a ride this long, in the dark, likely after being awake and working a full day, and with no support whatsoever.

Some notes on the ride:

— The route is the grand tour of Lake County that you all know and love, Route #555. Yes, it seems like you are always doing this 400K. Yes, you’ve seen that road before (561, 561A, 455…). Yes, you’re going up all those hills. Yes, twice. Yes, this is by far the best brevet in the state to prepare you to be successful at PBP or any other Grand Randonnee. And, therefore, yes, that’s why you keep seeing it every year. Consider it an old friend. That said, this route has never been run at night. This’ll be cool.

This route will NOT have been pre-ridden prior to the start. Riders will need to be especially mindful of road hazards and nocturnal wildlife, especially on the descents.

—  Although this is an ACP ride, it will NOT qualify you for PBP. It’s too late in the year; the qualification period will have ended a month earlier. Still, it’s GREAT experience for those going to PBP. The terrain is similar to what is on PBP and the night-start is, too, for those doing the 90h or 80h starts.


You MUST pre-register for this event! No day-of registrations. Preregistration must be completed by no later than 5pm, 20 July 2023.

There are two steps to completing your registration.

Step 1. Please fill in the information here.

    Name (Last, First)

    Street Address







    Emergency Contact (Name)

    Emergency Contact (Phone Number)

    Step 2. Send in your payment. There are two options. One, make a $10 check (wut?) payable to Paul Rozelle, and mail it to me at 1300 Friendly Way S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. OR, send me $10 via PayPal. My email address is prozelle at gmail dot com.