2013 Brevet Preview

Don’t fret. We’re not done with 2012 yet.

But we are already planning next year’s rides.  Here’s a preview:

(1) We’re going to offer a full brevet series: ACP rides of 200, 300, 400, and 600km — one a month, from January through April;

(2) We’ll have a flèche. The calendar for our other rides isn’t set yet, but the flèche will definitely be Easter weekend (March 28-31, 2013), as is tradition;

(3) You’ll see a few new routes, along with some old favorites; and

(4) Anticipate a return of the Florida 1000K. The same awesomeness of the 2010 edition, but with some new roads, controls, and adventures; and

(5) If you just can’t wait to mark your calendars, schedule your days off, and tell Aunt Ethel she’ll just have to get married for the 7th time some other weekend ’cause you got brevets to ride, hold yer horses for a short while longer — the 2013 calendar will be set real soon!

4 thoughts on “2013 Brevet Preview

    • Check out the RUSA site for now — search Central Florida, and the list of brevets for 2013 that’s been submitted (but not yet approved) to the ACP is on there. I’ll post that list up here, along with some other good info, in the beginning of November. Sorry for the delay in responding to you, and that it’s been so quiet around here, but come January, it’ll be time to ride some brevets! Off to Uzbekistan tomorrow (Sunday) for this: http://xt-uz.com/brevet_1200. Should be quite the adventure. Paul ROZELLE

  1. is there any possibility of getting a general idea of times that the rides are anticipated to start? Gotta request PTO off from work :-/

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