The San An 100K Is in the Books!

A gorgeous start followed by a sunny, dry day. Those out much after noon had some wind to deal with.

Final results and a brief post-mortem are here. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped out!

One of our San An 100K finishers, Kim (who actually lives on the route; how cool is that?), put together a wonderful video entitled, What Is Randonneuring? that introduces the sport through the lens of the ride. Kim has put together an informative website called Bicycle Trail Review. Give it a look and check out the professionally produced video of our exploits!

3 thoughts on “The San An 100K Is in the Books!

  1. What a great ride today! Thanks Paul and everyone involved for making it an extraordinary day! Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

    • I agree, Keith. I once commuted 12 miles each way. My morning commute was usually in the dark. I felt much more visible in the dark with red lights flashing. That was 20 years ago. Today, LEDs are even better and randonneuring has compelled me to adopt the use of a reflective vest and ankle bands even in normal night time riding. During the winter evening rides and on my solo night time permanents, I always feel visible and motorists seem to give me much more room. Either they respect me as a serious cyclist or they think I’m simply out of my mind and not safe to mess with.

    • And of course the losnegt Marathon distance I have run was a Half Marathon 21.1 kms distance (barefoot) which was pretty tough on country trails. I think one drains out much faster running marathons, but riding brevets is the real endurance test, especially when we talk about riding longer than 300 kms distance, it is all in one’s mind!

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