Audax Update

I hope everyone is as excited about this ride as we are! Here are some last-minute reminders:

1.  Read (or re-read) the blurb on the Events page on what audax is all about. It’s a group ride that’s going to go 14mph, with two, 20-minute stops before mile 75, a sit-down served lunch at mile 75, and then one, 20-minute stop in the last 55 miles. It’ll take 11:40 to complete this ride. While the pace may sound pedestrian to some, staying with the group and managing one’s time off the bike do add some challenge. Make sure your mind is in the right place for the ride. Audax is social and group-oriented. Come with that mindset, and you’ll have a great time.

2. Our ride will be led by the route captains: Ed BENNETT, Marion KUSTERS, Dan SCHRECK, and Dave THOMPSON who will lead different stages of the ride. They’ll set the pace and keep us on schedule. Don’t pass them.

3.  If you have a mechanical or disconnect from the group, call it out; let us know you’ve got trouble. The peloton will not stop, but we’ll peel off riders who are able to help you out and then get you back to the group. If your ride isn’t salvageable, have in mind how you’re going return to the start/finish. There is no SAG on this ride.

4.  There are 22 of us, which will make for a good sized group going down the road. We’ll ride 2-up when we can, and single-file when we must. Don’t ride more than 2-up; it’s illegal.

5.  For those who are still learning the ropes of group riding (heck, a refresher for all of us): be smooth, consistent, and predictable. Look up the road; don’t stare at the wheel in front of you. More words on group riding for randonneurs here.

6.  We’ll have volunteers at the 3 stops to help fill bottles and they’ll have light, grab-and-go snacky things. Plan ahead if you need more than that. Also plan you pee breaks. Like dad said, go when we’re stopped, ’cause we’re not stopping once we’re on the road.

7.  The stops really are 20 minutes. Not 19; not 21. Plan accordingly. We’ll get one warning with 5 minutes to departure — a horn will sound. After that, the next thing you’ll see is the route captains clipping in and riding. This is unlike any ride you’ve done before, where stops bleed into an eternity as people realize they need to hit the head, forgot something, need to adjust clothing, etc. Manage your time. No faffing off. We ain’t gonna wait.

8.  There are some other things and traditions, but we’ll handle those on the road.

9.  See you at the start. Get there early, with enough time to sign in, do some paperwork, and get your stuff read.  0700 is 0700 SHARP!  See ya then.