Mosquito Lagoon 300K Update #1


(1) The cue sheet has been posted to the Events page. (It is also here.) Note that the Haul Over Bridge is closed, so we will remain on US 1.  The shortens the route slightly. It also means that you do NOT want to use a prior cue sheet or GPS file for this route. You’ll be sorry if you do.

(2) The preriders (Ivy, Longley, Thompson, and Rozelle) were all successful. It’s a nice route. The most notable thing is that US1 is under construction in places, mostly south of Oak Hill. It’s a bit of mess, so be careful. All of the hazards were totally obvious to us (loose rocks, sharp drop-offs, cones, jersey barrier), but conditions may have changed between the preride and the event on Saturday. And those hazards may not be obvious at all if you are following others closely or pacelining. Please use common sense.

(3) The route is otherwise good to go. You’ll see me at the Park in Mosquito Lagoon with heavy snacks/light lunch, and again at the finish with snacks and beverages. There may be other surprises, depending.

(4) The rider list is up to date as of 3pm on Wednesday. Please let me know ASAP if you’re coming (or not) so we have an accurate head count. Payment is fine on Friday/Saturday; I just need to know how many to expect.