200/300 Update #2


1.  Read the post below this one, if you’ve not done so already

2.  The 300K cue sheet is finalized and is posted here and on the Events page for the ride.

3.  Two big notes about this 300K.  First, some of you have seen it before. Or, you think you have.  It’s changed twice.  We’re riding the loop on the beach to travel south along the beach.  We did this last year, but bridgework forced us back to A1A.  And the year before that, we rode the loop in the opposite direction. The point of this is, use the cue sheet. Do NOT use an old GPS file or some crap you find on the internet, or you’ll be sorry.  Second, there’s a loose dog on the route — what’s with the doggies this weekend? — at mile 50 on CR3, just south of where it runs into US17. It’s a Sheppard and it’ll give you chase if it’s there.  It’s never been there before, and hopefully it’s gone or properly brought to heel by Sunday, but — like on Saturday — be on the lookout for loose dogs and be careful.

4.  Check in and bike inspection for the 300K will be on Saturday afternoon if there’s downtime or on Sunday prior to the start; there’s only two dozen of you.

5.  Chili and beer on Saturday at the finish; pizza and beer on Sunday. Y’all are on your own for eats during the event both days.  Live off the phat of the land.