200K / 300K Update #1


(1) The 200K route was prridden yesterday (Monday, Jan. 9). The cue sheet is posted to the Events page and can also be found here.

(2) For my Cracker Swamp 1200K veterans, you’ll recognize this route. It’s the last 200K of that event, known as the “Swamp Rat.”  It’s been modified in one respect: the route uses CR 219 after the Wildwood control rather than CR 213/238. It is otherwise the same.

(3) Here are some important notes about the 200K: The start and finish may have some traffic; it’s an urban area and, especially coming back through Leesburg, depending on the pace you’re riding, you may have some traffic on US27. Just be careful. There may be loose dogs on the route. We had a pit bull give chase at the intersection of CR 219 and CR 44A. There were also loose dogs at one point on the 1200K, in that same general area though in a different place. Again, please be careful. CR 219 — which is what the route is routed on — is under construction. It was passable on Monday. You may either ride CR 219 or follow the detour signs as indicated; your choice. If you use CR 219, obviously, be careful.

(4) Ocala is an “open control.”  That means you can use any business at the intersection as the control.  There is every gas station and chain restraunt imaginable there. That said, if you don’t stop at Mary’s Cuban Kitchen, you’re doing it wrong.

(5)  The 300K route is Tavares-Flagler Beach, which has been run twice before. It’s being preridden later this week, and the cue sheet will be posted immediately following the preride after corrections are made.

(6)  Please check the registrant’s list. If you think you’re coming and don’t see your name there, please let me know. Similarly, if you registered but cannot make it, please let me know that, too.

(7)  You’ll get fed well following both events, and there will be beverages.