Happy Holidays; Upcoming Events; Reminders for the New Brevet Season

Some year-end reminders, as we approach the 2017 brevet season:

1.  We have a 100K on Saturday! It’s a great route. If you’re coming, let me know asap, so we cn plan for it. Registration and details, here. The cue sheet for this year’s Pinellas Beaches Route is here.

2.  Registration for the MLK Weekend brevets (200K Saturday; 300K on Sunday) is now live. This has been a great, well-attended event the past few years and we hope you’ll join us this year. Check out the events pages for those rides for details and registration.

3.  If you earned any RUSA distance awards in 2016, order those now, if you’ve not already done so, to avoid missing out on your hard-earned hardware. Click here to get that taken care of.

4. Check your RUSA membership status to ensure that you are a RUSA member before the start of your first brevet or permanent so that you receive “credit” for it, if that’s important to you. Remember that permanents cannot be ridden by non-RUSA members, and non-members include those whose memberships have lapsed. Get that taken care of here.

5. With our first brevet coming up, now is a good time for veterans and rookies alike to review and refresh themselves not only on RUSA’s Rules, but also the Rules for Central Florida Randonneurs.

6. Especially for you new(er) folks, here is a short introduction to what you can expect on your first brevet. Time spent now studying and becoming comfortable with the rules and procedures of randonneuring will prevent day-of-ride stress and headaches (and will also give you ample time to holler at me if you have any questions).

7. Make sure your reflective gear and lights are compliant with the Rules.  The RUSA rule on reflective gear is here (scroll down to Article 10). The RUSA rule is the rule for Central Florida Randonneurs’ rides. Sam Brown or bandolier-style reflective belts are still permitted by RUSA, and therefore I will continue to accept them. You are, of course, free and encouraged to add additional reflective gear to your clothing and bicycle. Although it is not the rule, RUSA has a “best practices” guide for reflective gear located here, which I commend to your attention. You are all adults and experienced cyclists and are ultimately responsible for the safety of your own ride — not RUSA; not me — and so I leave it to your judgment and experience, and based on your own comfort level and the particulars of each night ride, whether you want to use any additional reflective gear beyond the minimum requirements. However, riding without the RUSA-required minimum reflective gear at night on in low-light conditions will result in your disqualification.

8. “Ride-alongs” continue to be a problem. Let me be as clear as I can be: if you’re riding at any point with unregistered friends, club-mates, or sworn enemies who are not registered for a brevet, then you’re breaking the rules. This includes riders on permanents who just happen to run into their friends one of our scheduled brevets. I will disqulify those who do this, and ban those who do it repeatedly. Of course, your friends are always welcome to register for the event. They’re also welcome to volunteer and support all of the brevet participants. If you have questions about this, please contact me to discuss it.

Happy Holidays, bon route, and see you on the road in 2017!