Up! All Night Update #1


1.  We’re riding a 200K Friday night. Right now, I have six folks riding — Bennett, Kusters, Marrocco, Pooler, Rozelle, and Schreck.  If you’re coming and don’t see your name on that list, register or get with me asap. I’m printing brevet cards Thursday evening; after that, you’re going to be out of luck. Similarly, if you have registered but are not coming, please let me know that, too.

2. Cue sheet is here. Same as last year. Dan checked the route earlier this week; there are additional holes on Bayhead that were not there as recently as June. Be careful!

3. Pre-ride dinner (on your own; $5 doesn’t get you hungry people a dinner!) and meeting at 7pm at LOCAL. Even if not dining, arrive early; we’ll have more than the usual pre-ride instructions and there’s some paperwork to tend to. In particular, we’ve got some talkin’ to do about how the controls will be handled.

4.  Remember, this is night; it’s dark.  Ample lighting, to last 10+ hours, is required. Along with your reflective stuff.

5.  It’s not only dark, but the stores are CLOSED. We should catch the Hess/Speedway on Cortez right before they close at 11pm, but don’t plan on it. Think about how you’ll hydrate and feed yourself for a night. ALSO: Drop stuff at the start/finish so you can fetch it at mile 62, at the turn-around. You need to be entirely self-sufficient over 125 miles on this ride!

6. Like last year, this is gonna be awesome!