PBP 2015 Details


Some initial details here, if you parlez-vous. Short version: it’s expected to be wildly popular.

Official PBP ’15 brochure here (in French).

Registration priority is based on the longest ride completed in 2014 (that’s NOW):

  • 1000+: 26 April 2015
  • 600: 3 May 2015
  • 400: 10 May 2015
  • 300: 17 May 2015
  • 200: 24 May 2015

So, if the longest ACP brevet (the RUSA brevets and permanents do not count!) you completed in 2014 was a 400K, then you can preregister for PBP starting May 10, 2015. (In 2011, the preregistration time periods opened at midnight CET.)

Note that registration is separate from preregistration, and you must commence the registration process by June 23, 2015. This sounds similar to the 2-step process used in 2011. Registration begins June 6, 2015, and must be completed by July 14, 2015.

One major change from 2011 is that there are no country-specific quotas. There will be a world-wide quota, filled using the preregistration system. Details will be released in the future. Interweb rumors are that the number is 6000-6500 participants.

The other change of note is that the waves of riders will be smaller than in the past. Riders will be released in waves of 300, every 15 minutes. The 80-hour riders will start Sunday at 4pm, followed by the 90-hour group at 6pm. Monday at 5am, the 84-hour group begins. There is no mention of the “free start times” that were used in 2011.

The route is not released, but the controls are. Quédillac and St-Nicolas-du-Pélem are identified as controls; in 2011, they were optional “sleep stops” to take pressure off of the popular Loudéac. It is unclear from the brochure whether they are now official controls or will function again as they did in 2011.

More to come!


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